2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Final Results

Finally, the final tallies for the MAC Pick ‘Em are in.

The Week 0 Pick ‘Em left a lot of room for late growth for joining the pool early to earn more points after the season. I have pickers in August a chance to bank on picking the right MAC East and West champions, make picks on who the best offensive players will be, best freshman, and other props.


After adding up the regular-season and preseason totals, the winner of the 2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em is: ColinApocalypse!

Bow down to Colin everybody!

MAC Football Pick ‘Em Top 10

  1. 340 points, ColinApocalypse
  2. 336, Matt Dizzle
  3. 319, Fitz
  4. 307, Huron Boy
  5. 301, E-Scruff
  6. 275, Nathan8848
  7. 230, ARAlvarado13
  8. 199, Mr. 69
  9. 193, Karp
  10. 192, Toledo Seahawks


TWO POINTS: MAC East Champion

The Miami RedHawks would be the correct pick here, a stunning truth for most of us who picked Ohio (or Buffalo or Kent State). If you’re reading this, you did not pick Miami to win the East in the preseason Pick ‘Em.

TWO POINTS: MAC West Champion

Likewise, Central Michigan stunned the entire pool by turning its 1-11 season into a MAC West championship year with Jim McElwain as its first-year head coach. Nobody in our pool picked CMU to win the division.

THREE POINTS: Which MAC receiver will lead the league in receptions?

Ball State’s Justin Hall was the preseason favorite to lead the MAC in receptions, judging by this pool’s responses, but it was CMU’s Kalil Pimpleton to lead the league in a landslide. Pimpleton finished the year with 82 catches, while Hall finished second in the MAC with 61. Two people correctly wrote-in Pimpleton.

FOUR POINTS: Which MAC running back will lead the league in rushing yards?

Buffalo’s Jaret Patterson finished his sophomore season with another dominant year with 1,799 total rushing yards (13 games, 312 attempts, 5.78 yards per carry, 19 touchdowns — 11 in the final two weeks of the regular season).

The MAC’s pretty deep in running back talent, which made this tough during the preseason. LeVante Bellamy, Bryant Koback, and Tre Harbison were deserving of the votes they received, but three people correctly wrote-in Patterson.

FIVE POINTS: Which MAC quarterback will lead the league in QBR?

Dustin freaking Crum. Kent State’s out-of-nowhere backup-turned-starter refused to throw interceptions this year and helped lead Kent State to its first bowl win in program history. Crum led the MAC with a QBR of 159.69, followed by Nathan Rourke (151.7) and Drew Plitt (148.18).

Nobody in the Pick ‘Em saw this coming.

SIX POINTS: Will Frank Solich receive a contract extension before December?

While Frank Solich did receive, and sign, a contract extension to keep him in Athens for another two years, my question was if he’d get this done before December. Solich and the athletic department had talks of extending his contract, but nothing was formalized until late December.

Wasn’t a popular pick, but six people correctly picked that he wouldn’t be extended before December.

SEVEN POINTS: Will a MAC team crack the CFP Top 25?

No MAC team came close to sniffed any top-25 rankings, including the College Football Playoff.

Congrats to most of us.

EIGHT POINTS: Which MAC-over-P5 upset will happen?

Some games were left off from being able to be picked here. Games to pick from were:

  • Ball State over Indiana
  • Toledo over Kentucky
  • EMU over Illinois
  • Kent State over Arizona State
  • There won’t be any MAC over P5 upsets (3 pts)

I knew the way this question was set up meant that if none of the MAC over P5 upsets above ever happened, but an unlisted one did, that nobody would be able to get points here. I considered it at the time and said “yeah that’s fine” because these points are mostly just for extra credit.

Thankfully, EMU beating Illinois was the lone correct answer here, which most of this pool got correct. Congrats to most of us again.

PICK ALL: which teams will make head coaching changes by/before the end of 2019? (3 pts. for each right answer, -2 for each wrong answer.)

Usually, there’s some shuffle with the head coaches in the MAC in any given winter, but this offseason (or at least up to the new year) featured no head coaching moves in this league.

Everybody that left this spot totally blank actually received three points. Everybody that checked off one school lost two points, picking two schools left you minus four, three schools picked means minus six, and somebody lost eight points for picking four schools. So congrats to those of you that didn’t have the patience to fill this out at all, or just smart enough to not play along.

MAC schools picked to go through coaching changes: Ball State, EMU, WMU, Miami, BGSU, Kent State, Ohio, Toledo.

ELEVEN POINTS: MAC Freshman of the Year

This, I figured, would probably be the hardest for anybody to get, and I guess I was sort of right? Nobody wrote in the eventual MAC Freshman of the Year, Miami’s Brett Gabbert. Other submissions here included Akron RB Peter Hayes-Patrick, CMU RB Lew Nichols, BGSU WR Julia Ortega-Jones, Ohio RB O’shaan Allison, Your mom, idk?, NIU WR Michael Love, and more.

Gabbert was the only true freshman to play out the entire season and helped lead his team to a MAC title. Stats: 175-for-316, 55.4% passing, 2,411 pass yards (7.6 yards per attempt), 11 TD, 8 INT. He didn’t light the world on fire, sure, but I’m not the one giving these awards out either.

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