2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Our Final Round

One final round of the Pick ‘Em, and then we can call this thing a season.

But until then, there’s still a score to settle for the crown. What’s the winner get in all of this anyways? Bragging rights first of all. Internet clout, second of all. And third of all, …. well you get to either be Matt Dizzle or you get to be somebody else. But chances are, you’re Matt Dizzle.

As we may recall, Dizzle climbed his way up the leaderboard and finally grabbed a noticeable lead for the top spot in this pool. He’s followed that up with another first-place finish with 33 points picked up. The other three to make it to 30+ points on the week were Mhuppsurvey and E-scruff.

Week 13 leaderboard

Matt Dizzle 33
Mhuppsurvey 32
E-Scruff 30
Vannzee 29
Nathan8848 28
ColinApocalypse 27
Fitz 27
aralvarado13 26
Huron Boy 18

Matt Dizzle‘s our pool’s overload with  285 points, which is a slightly comfortable lead over ColinApocalypse, our apparently evergreen silver medal winner (?) who has 279 pts. Fitz used to be good at this, but he has 265 pts. for third place instead of first place, but I guess I can’t talk too much smack since I’m… not doing as well as him.

Huron Boy and E-Scruff are both in the 250+ point club and round out the top five.

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard

Click here if the spreadsheet below isn’t loading on your end.

This week’s Pick ‘Em is a doozy: 61 points is what you can earn this week. But wait, there’s more! Everybody that made picks in Week 0 has a shot at getting more bonus picks based on what predictions everybody may or may not have gotten right. So what I’m trying to say here is that there’s still a chance.

All of the games this week are worth FIVE points, and then some more points for all of the other regularly-scheduled prop picks for you to take on. Hopefully, you get the drill by now.

Click here if the form below doesn’t work for you.

Good luck!

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