2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Week 12 Results, Week 13 Picks

Heyo, we’re almost done with the Pick ‘Em!

Only two more weeks of this thing and WE HAVE A TIE AT THE TOP SPOT!


Week 12 leaderboard

ColinApocalypse 36
Fitz 33
Nathan8848 30
Matt Dizzle 28
Stogie13 28
E-Scuff 26
Huron Boy 24
Mhuppsurvey 23
Toledo Seahawks 16

Only nine of us this week (and by us I mean you guys since I didn’t participate this time) and some of you decided to eat well this week. Three of yous made it to the 30+ point club this week and a few others were really close.

And for the “pick six” portion at the end of all of this year’s Pick ‘Ems, there were seven(!!!) of you that got all your picks right. Congrats to Fitz, ColinApocalypse, Matt Dizzle, Stogie13, E-Scruff, Huton Boy, and Mhuppsurvey for getting your non-MACtion picks all right!

For the season, Dizzle and ColinApocalypse are both TIED at 252 points apiece to lead the pool. TIME FOR AN ARM-WRESTLING CONTEST via college football picks on the computer. Fitz is in third at 238, Huron Boy is at 236, and E-Scruff is fifth at 220. What is this, the MAC West?

This week’s Pick ‘Em will let you get up to 46 points. I really don’t need to tell you guys how this works at this point, do I? Do you need a refresher? Is anybody even reading this paragraph?

Click here if the form below doesn’t work for you.

Good luck!

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