2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Weeks 10, 11 Results & Week 12 Picks

Welcome back to this week’s MAC Pick ‘Em, where we’re running on short time because of the midweek games. Since I didn’t do posts to add up totals for the last two weeks of football, I’ve decided to just do everything at once on this one: two weeks worth of results, and this week’s Pick ‘Em.

Matt Dizzle’s come on strong in the pool the last few weeks. More specifically, he slammed his foot on the pedal ever since BG-Toledo week and he’s our pool’s leader for the Week 10 and 11 Pick ‘Ems with 51 total points picked up in the last two weeks. And spoiler alert: he’s this league’s new leader for the season.

Week 10 Results

Matt Dizzle 31
Huron Boy 27
Toledo Seahawks 23
E Scruff 22
Karp 19
Stogie13 18
Fitz 17
ColinApocalypse 16
Mr. 69 16
Mhuppsurvey 14
Nathan8848 14
BenRUdrunkyet 11
Vannzee 11
ARAlvarado13 9

Week 11 Results

Matt Dizzle 20
Stogie13 19
ColinApocalypse 17
Mhuppsurvey 16
Nathan8848 14
ARAlvarado13 11
E Scruff 10
Karp 10
Huron Boy 9
Toledo Seahawks 9
Fitz 5

I normally do a write-up on the results, but I’m going to punt on the last two weeks and leave you with this information on the “pick six” portion of these things. Stogie13 got all of his six picks right in Week 10, but he’s the only one to get them over the last two weeks.

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard (thru Week 11)

Flex on ’em, Matt Dizzle who now has 224 freaking points, ahead of the evergreen second-place ColinApocalypse at 216 points, Huron Boy with 212, Fitz down to fourth place (yikes, man) with 205 points, and E-Scruff rounds out our top 5 with 205 points. Those five are also the only ones in the 200-point club this season.

Click here if the spreadsheet embed below isn’t showing on your end. 

This week’s Pick ‘Em is just like the rest of them. Lots of points available (53) with crossover games worth two points, divisional games worth three, there are over/unders, other props, and the “pick six”.

EDIT: I fudged up and didn’t do a good enough job of editing the Pick ‘Em before I posted it this morning and had five responses. I re-flowed the Pick ‘Em, so it should be current. To the early responders — ColinApocalypse, Fitz, Huron Boy, Mhuppsurvey, and Toledo Seahawks — I’m giving you all five points just for picking during a bad time. If you want to go back and re-make picks (added/changed a few things), then you can still do so and I’ll still honor the bonus points too. My bad.

Click here if the form below doesn’t work for you.

Good luck!

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