2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Week 9 Results

Well this was quite the week for the Pick ‘Em. We’ve got new kids throwing elbows this week, a longtime Pick ‘Em member has one of its better weeks, and …


… where am-

Moving on!

Stogie13 27
Mr.69 24
BenRUdrunkyet 23
Nathan8848 23
ColinApocalypse 21
Mhuppsurvey 20
Toledo Seahawks 20
Fitz 17
Huron Boy 17
Matt Dizzle 17
Karp 15
Vannzee 15
ARAlvarado13 15
E Scruff 13

Good on you, Stogie13, whose 27 points was the best of anybody this week. You’ve only joined us four times since Week 5, but I’m happy to have you here putting on a clinic for us.

Also in the 20+ point club this week: Mr. 69, BenRUdrunkyet, Nathan8848, ColinApocalypse, Mhuppsurvey, and Toledo Seahawks.

Looking at the league standings, we’ve got a tie at the top! Fitz let ColinApocalypse catch up to 183 points each. I slipped with a poor week and now Mr. 69 is the new fifth-placer for the Pick ‘Em. at 166 points.

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard (thru Week 9)

Click here if the spreadsheet embed below isn’t showing on your end. 

Here’s how everybody picked:


  • 92.9% correctly picked WMU
  • 7.1% picked BGSU

TWO POINTS: Ohio at Ball State winner

  • 42.9% correctly picked Ohio
  • 57.1% picked Ball State

THREE POINTS: EMU at Toledo winner

  • 35.7% correctly picked Toledo
  • 64.3% picked EMU

TWO POINTS: CMU at Buffalo winner

  • 42.9% correctly picked Buffalo
  • 57.1% picked CMU

THREE POINTS: Miami at Kent State winner

  • 28.6% correctly picked Miami
  • 71.4% picked Kent State

TWO POINTS: Akron at NIU winner

  • 100% correctly picked NIU
  • nobody picked Akron

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s highest-scoring team of the weekend

  • 53.7% correctly picked WMU (49)
  • 14.3% correctly picked NIU (49)
  • 14.3% picked Ball State
  • 14.3% picked Toledo
  • 7.1% picked CMU
  • 7.1% picked EMU
  • 7.1% picked Kent State

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s lowest-scoring team of the weekend

  • 92.9% correctly picked Akron (0)
  • 7.1% picked Buffalo

TWO POINTS: I’m setting the OVER/UNDER for Toledo vs. EMU at 55.5 points

  • 57.1% correctly picked OVER
  • 42.9% picked UNDER

TWO POINTS: I’m setting the OVER/UNDER for CMU at Buffalo at 39.5 points

  • 85.7% correctly picked OVER
  • 14.3% picked UNDER

THREE POINTS: Who will lead Ball State vs. Ohio in total receptions?

  • nobody correctly picked Isiah Cox (5)
  • 57.1% picked Justin Hall
  • 21.4% picked Riley Miller
  • 14.3% picked Shane Hooks
  • 7.1% picked other

THREE POINTS: Which MAC QB will not throw an INT this weekend?

As you’ve noticed, there was an option for “OTHER”, which doesn’t make sense at all. The reason why that was there is because Google Forms will add in a new option for me when I fill these things out and “OTHER” is always the default text that goes there. This is one of those times where I didn’t catch it until after picks starting coming in.

So, I don’t care how you picked. Three points to everybody!

THREE POINTS: Write-in two (2) MAC defender who will tally at least 1.5 TFL each this weekend. Gotta get them both.

Nobody was able to write in two players to record at least 1.5 TFL each on Saturday.

Here’s all the MAC players that were able to do that: WMU’s Tre Hayward (3.0), WMU’s Tim Collins (2.0), Ohio’s Keye Thompson (1.5), CMU’s Troy Brown (2.0), Buffalo’s Taylor Riggins, Toledo’s DeDarallo Blue (1.5), Miami’s Myles Reid (2.0), Miami’s Ben Kimpler (2.0), Miami’s Sterling Weatherford (1.5), Kent State’s Dominic Hill (3.0), Kent State’s Cepeda Phillips (2.0), Kent State’s Quantrezz Knight (2.0), and Kent State’s Keith Sherald Jr. (1.5).

SIX POINTS: Pick six more winners in these select 10 non-MACtion games. Gotta get them all right.

Nobody got it all right this week. It was a tough one, considering that nobody picked TCU to win, only one person picking Indiana, and a disturbing number of you liked Liberty more than Rutgers.

Here are all the final scores for the 10 games to pick from, ranked by the popularity of correct picks:

  • 12- Ohio State 38, Wisconsin 7
  • 9- Marshall 26, WKU 23
  • 9- UConn 56, UMass 35
  • 8- UNC 20, Duke 17
  • 5- Navy 41, Tulane 38
  • 5- UCF 63, Temple 21
  • 4- Florida State 35, Syracuse 17
  • 2- Rutgers 44, Liberty 34
  • 1- Indiana 38, Nebraska 31
  • 0- TCU 37, Texas 27

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