2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Week 8 Results

This season is finally shaping up exactly how we should all want it to be like: incredibly unpredictable.

Long-lasting losing streaks have been snapped by plenty over the past few weeks, and now it’s Ball State! as the MAC’s most impressive/least disappointing team in the league at 3-0 in conference play.

Speaking of impressive: Matt Dizzle has been on a roll, my friends. After last week’s league-best performance in the Pick ‘Em, Dizzle follows that up with another Pick ‘Em-best 23 points on Saturday.

Huron Boy and E-Scruff were next in line with 22 and 21 points respectively. These three were the only ones to hit 20 points on Saturday. Bow down to them.

I finished in not goodteenth place with 11 points, but at least I brought Fitz and Mr. 69 down with me.

Matt Dizzle 23
Huron Boy 22
E Scruff 21
BenRUdrunkyet 16
ColinApocalypse 16
Nathan8848 12
ARAlvarado13 11
Fitz 11
Mr. 69 11
Da_Gerd 10
Vannzee 10
Toledo Seahawks 9
Karp 8

It’s starting to get crowded at the top.

Fitz still leads the pool, with ColinApocalypse closing the gap, but Matt Dizzle jumps up to fourth place, and now his next victim is Huron Boy. 

Vannzee Toledo Seahawks are both bound to join the 100-point club with their scores in the 90s.

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard (thru Week 8)

Click here if the spreadsheet embed below isn’t showing on your end. 

Here’s how everybody picked:

Note: There were 13 pickers but only 12 complete ballots submitted this week, so you’re looking at percentages that reflect the 12 full ballots.

THREE POINTS: Kent State at Ohio winner

  • 50% correctly picked Ohio
  • 50% picked Kent State

THREE POINTS: Toledo at Ball State winner

  • 25% correctly picked Ball State
  • 75% picked Toledo


  • 83.3% correctly picked CMU
  • 16.7% picked BGSU

TWO POINTS: NIU at Miami winner

  • 41.7% correctly picked Miami
  • 58.3% picked NIU

THREE POINTS: Buffalo at Akron winner

  • 100% correctly picked Buffalo
  • nobody picked Akron


  • 16.7% correctly picked EMU
  • 83.3% picked WMU

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s highest-scoring team of the weekend

  • nobody correctly picked Ball State (52)
  • 25% picked CMU (38)
  • 25% picked Buffalo (21)
  • 25% picked WMU (27)
  • 8.3% picked Toledo
  • 8.3% p[icked EMU
  • 8.3% picked Kent State

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s lowest-scoring team of the weekend

  • 66.7% correctly picked Akron (0)
  • 16.7% picked Miami (27)
  • 8.3% picked EMU (34)
  • 8.3% picked NIU (24)

TWO POINTS: I’m setting the OVER/UNDER for Akron vs. Buffalo at 36.5 points.

  • 25% correctly picked UNDER (21)
  • 75% picked OVER

TWO POINTS: I’m setting the OVER/UNDER for Ball State vs. Toledo at 51.5 points.

  • 58.3% correctly picked OVER (66)
  • 41.7% picked UNDER

THREE POINTS: Name a MAC defender who will record at least 2.5 TFL this weekend.

This portion was a write-in. I knew 2.5 for tackles for loss would be a tough get, and that turned out to be the case. Only two MAC players had stat lines to satisfy that need, and nobody wrote them in: Buffalo’s Ledarius Mack (3.0 at Akron) and Ball State’s Jordan Williams (2.5 vs. Toledo).

THREE POINTS: Which MAC QB will have the most pass attempts this weekend?

Of the six options here, “other” would’ve been the correct answer by one pass attempt from two quarterbacks.

EMU’s backup quarterback, Preston Hutchinson, had 36 attempts in relief for Mike Glass, and Quinten Dormady had 36 pass attempts against Bowling Green. Dustin Crum, listed on here and had two picks, had 35 pass attempts.

  • Nobody correctly picked “other” (Dormady & Hutchinson, 36)
  • 58.3% picked Drew Plitt (14)
  • 25% picked Jon Wassink (24)
  • 16.7% picked Dustin Crum (35)

SIX POINTS: Pick six more winners in these select 10 non-MACtion games. Gotta get them all right.

Congrats to Matt Dizzle, Huron Boy, and E-Scruff for getting their six non-MACtion game picks all right this week.

E-Scruff’s picks: Oregon over Washington, SMU over Temple, Utah over Arizona State, Navy over USF, Penn State over Michigan, and Pitt over Syracuse

Matt Dizzle’s picks: Oregon over Washingotn, SMU over Tmeple, Navy over USF, Penn State over Michigan, LA Tech over So. Miss., and Memphis over Tulane

Huron Boys’ picks: SMU over Temple, Utah over Arizona State, Penn State over Michigan, LA Tech over So. Miss., Baylor over Oklahoma State, and Memphis over Tulane

Here are all the final scores for the 10 games to pick from, ranked by the popularity of correct picks:

  • Penn State 28, Michigan 21
  • Oregon 35, Washington 31
  • Utah 21, Arizona State 3
  • Baylor 45, Oklahoma State 27
  • SMU 45, Temple 21
  • Pitt 27, Syracuse 20
  • Navy 35, USF 3
  • LA Tech 45, So. Miss. 30
  • Memphis 47, Tulane 17
  • Georgia State 28, Army 21

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