2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Week 6 Results

That was probably the most uneasy weekend of mostly-in-league games I remember witnessing in a while. Upsets from CMU and Ball State was not what a lot of us in the MAC Pick ‘Em community expected to have happen, the Buffalo vs. Ohio game featured only 28 total points through regulation, and Toledo vs. WMU wasn’t incredibly pointsy either.

Out of 40 possible points, just two pickers got exactly halfway there: Da_Gerd and Toledo Seahawks are both this week’s highest scorers with 20 points each.

Everybody else, …not so much.

Da_Gerd 20
Toledo Seahawks 20
E Scruff 18
Vannzee 18
Karp 16
Stogie13 16
ARAlvarado13 15
BenRUdrunkyet 15
Matt Dizzle 15
Nathan8848 15
Fitz 14
Huron Boy 14
Mr. 69 14
ColinApocalypse 13

Unfortunately for the rest of us, Fitz still leads this exercise with 140 points earned with ColinApocalypse still in second at 137, then me at 133, Huron Boy is fourth with 125 points, and E-Scruff is in fifth at 122.

Toledo Seahawks (76)missed the first three Pick ‘Ems this year, but is now ahead of 14 players that participated in the those first three weeks. Keep grinding, new friend.

Including myself, there are nine of us that have played in the Pick ‘Em every week: Fitz, ColinApocalypse, me, Huron Boy, E-Scruff, Mr. 69, Matt Dizzle, Nathan8848, and BenRUdrunkyet. After this weekend with 15 points gained by each of Matt Dizzle, Nathan8848, and BenRUdrunkyet, everybody mentioned in this paragraph have at least 100 points on the year. Yay us!

Also above the 100-point line: Da_Gerd (109) and Karp (106).

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard (thru Week 6)

Click here if the spreadsheet embed below isn’t showing on your end. 

Here’s how everybody picked:

ONE POINT: Kent State at Wisconsin winner

  • 100% correctly picked Wisconsin
  • Nobody picked Kent State


  • Nobody correctly picked CMU
  • 100% picked EMU

THREE POINTS: Ball State at NIU winner

  • 21.4% correctly picked Ball State
  • 78.6% picked NIU

THREE POINTS: Ohio at Buffalo winner

  • 92.9% correctly picked Ohio
  • 7.1% picked Buffalo

THREE POINTS: WMU at Toledo winner

  • 64.3% correctly picked Toledo
  • 35.7% picked WMU

ONE POINT: BGSU at Notre Dame winner

  • 100% correctly picked Notre Dame
  • Nobody picked BGSU

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s highest-scoring team of the weekend

Nobody correctly picked CMU (42)

35.7% picked Toledo (31)

21.4% picked WMU (24)

21.4% picked EMU (16)

14.3% picked Ohio (21)

7.1% picked NIU (20)

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s lowest-scoring team of the weekend

57.1% and 35.7% correctly picked BGSU and Kent State, respectively (0)

7.1% picked CMU (42)

TWO POINTS: I’m setting the OVER/UNDER for Kent State at Wisconsin at 63.5 points

71.4% correctly picked UNDER

28.6% picked OVER

TWO POINTS: I’m setting the OVER/UNDER for Ohio at Buffalo at 46.5 points

  • Nobody correctly picked UNDER
  • 100% picked OVER

TWO POINTS: Total TD passes by Drew Plitt at NIU

  • 64.3% correctly picked 2 or fewer (0)
  • 35.7% picked 3 or more

TWO POINTS: Offensive yards per play by CMU vs. EMU

  • 14.3% correctly picked 7.0 or more (8.5)
  • 85.7% picked 6.9 or less

TWO POINTS: Leader of WMU at Toledo in passing efficiency 

  • 21.4% correctly picked Toledo (Mitch Guadagni or backup) (160.9 QBR)
  • 78.6% picked WMU (Jon Wassink or backup) (107.9)

TWO POINTS: Total rushing yards by Buffalo at Ohio

  • 71.4% correctly picked 199 or fewer (181)
  • 28.6% picked 200 or more

SIX POINTS: Pick six more winners in these select 10 non-MACtion games. Gotta get them all right.

The infamous “pick six” portion of the Pick ‘Em stumped everybody that submitted entries this week. Cincinnati’s big upset over UCF stumped nine pickers on Friday night, which was the big upset for this pool (9 of this week’s 14 entrants picked the Knights to win).

Here are all the final scores for the 10 games to pick from, ranked by the popularity of correct picks:

  • 11- Missouri 42, Troy 10
  • 10- SMU 43, Tulsa 37 (3 OT)
  • 6- Pitt 33, Duke 30
  • 5- Iowa State 49, TCU 24
  • 4- Baylor 31, Kansas State 12
  • 3- Navy 34, Air Force 25
  • 2- Cincinnati 27, UCF 24
  • 2- Tulane Army
  • 1- Arizona 35, Colorado 30
  • 0- Virginia Tech 42, Miami-FL 35

The Week 7 Pick ‘Em will go live tomorrow (Monday) like usual. 

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