2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Week 4 Results

This week was pretty slow for the pool of players. Only 13 of us signed up, when usually we’re at the range of 18-22 weekly participants. Just goes to show that NIU really is the MAC’s center of gravity. When NIU goes on a bye week, others are sure to follow suit.

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard (thru Week 4)

Fitz 25
ColinApocalypse 23
Huron Boy 22
Toledo Seahawks 22
Matt Dizzle 18
ARAlvarado13 16
E Scruff 16
Mr. 69 16
Big Kahuna 15
Nathan8848 15
Vannzee 13
BenRUdrunkyet 9

Fitz had another pool-best performance with 25 points (CALL TO ACTION: WE MUST RISE UP AND DEFEAT) which actually gave him back the lead in the overall standings with 109 points on the season. ColinApocalypse had 23 points, Huron Boy and Toledo Seahawks each had 22 points, which gave the league four 20+ points-havers for the weekend. This Pick ‘Em, players could’ve earned up to 40 points.

Overall, Fitz and ColinApocalypse are still arm-wrestling for the top spot with yours truly sitting pretty at third place. Fellow EMU fans Huron Boy and E-Scruff come in next to round out the top five.

Some pickers who didn’t join the pool until Week 2 or 3 — specifically Big Kahuna, Toledo Seahawks, and Vannzee — are seeing their names rise through the ranks too. Happy to see some new faces also stick around early on!

Click here if the spreadsheet embed below isn’t showing on your end. 

Here’s how everybody picked:

ONE POINT: WMU at Syracuse winner

  • 84.6% correctly picked Syracuse
  • 16.7% picked WMU

ONE POINT: Louisiana at Ohio winner

  • 30.8% correctly picked LA-Lafayette
  • 69.2% picked Ohio

ONE POINT: Troy at Akron winner

  • 100% correctly picked Troy

ONE POINT: Central Connecticut State at EMU winner

  • 100% correctly picked EMU

THREE POINTS: BGSU at Kent State winner

  • 69.2% correctly picked Kent State
  • 30.8% picked BGSU

ONE POINT: Miami at Ohio State winner

  • 100% correctly picked Ohio State

ONE POINT: Temple at Buffalo winner

  • 100% incorrectly picked Temple

ONE POINT: CMU at Miami-FL winner

  • 100% correctly picked Miami-FL

ONE POINT: Ball State at NC State winner

  • 100% correctly picked NC State

ONE POINT: Toledo at Colorado State winner

  • Nobody correctly picked Kent State (62)
  • 61.5% picked EMU (34)
  • 30.8% picked WMU (33)
  • 7.7% picked Toledo (41)

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s highest-scoring team of the weekend

  • 84.2% correctly picked Nebraska
  • 15.8% picked NIU

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s lowest-scoring team of the weekend

  • 46.2% correctly picked Miami (5)
  • 30.8% picked CMU (12)
  • 23.1% picked Akron (7)

TWO POINTS: How many points will LA-Lafayette score at Ohio?

  • 61.5% correctly picked 25 or more
  • 38.5% picked 25 or fewer

TWO POINTS: Which Buffalo WR will finally get his first TD of the season?

  • 46.2% correctly picked “none of these guys will score this week”
  • 30.8% picked Antonio Nunn
  • 15.4% picked Marlyn Johnson
  • 7.7% picked Tito Overton

TWO POINTS: Passing TDs by Dustin Crum

  • 1 correctly picked 3+
  • 46.2% picked 1
  • 38.5% picked 2
  • 7.7% picked 0

TWO POINTS: Total TFL by BGSU’s defense

  • nobody correctly picked 6-8.5 (finished with 8.0)
  • 69.2% picked 3-5.5
  • 30.8% picked 0-2.5

TWO POINTS: I’m setting the OVER/UNDER for Kent State at BGSU at 40.5 total points

  • 61.5% correctly picked OVER
  • 38.5% picked UNDER

TWO POINTS: Mike Glass’ pass completion percentage vs. CCSU

  • 53.8% correctly picked under 85%
  • 46.2% picked 85% and up

TWO POINTS: How many points will Miami allow at Ohio State?

  • 61.5% correctly picked 50+
  • 38.5% picked 49 or fewer

SIX POINTS: Pick six more winners in these select 10 non-MACtion games. Gotta get them all right.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Only one person in the pool got all six of picks right. This time, it’s Toledo Seahawks that gets bragging rights. How many weeks in a row has only one person gotten the “pick six” portion of the Pick ‘Em right, Ice Cube?

Toledo Seahawks’ picks: Coastal Carolina over UMass, Appalachian State over North Carolina, Virgina over Old Dominion, Boston College over Rutgers, Texas over Oklahoma State, and Washington over BYU. TS’s gameplan that worked out better than literally everybody else: stayed away from UCF at Pitt. Everybody else in the pool picked UCF to win, and we should all be ashamed for it. Also, TS was the only one to pick Appalachian State to beat North Carolina on the road.

Here’s all of the games picked on, by popularity:

  • 12- UCF over Pitt
  • 10- Virgina over Old Dominion, Nebraska over Illinois
  • 8- TCU over SMU
  • 7- Coastal Carolina over UMass, Washington over BYU
  • 6- Boston College over Rutgers, Texas over Oklahoma State, West Virginia over Kansas
  • 4- North Carolina over Appalachian State
  • 2- Rutgers over Boston College, Oklahoma State over Texas
  • 1- Appalachian State over North Carolina, BYU over Washington, Kansas over West Virginia

Congrats to everybody that played and had fun with it this week. Week 5’s picks will go LIVE on Monday, as per usual.

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