Nathan Rourke Ohio’s Program Leader in TDs

THIS ONE’S FOR THE RECORD BOOKS is a series where we look at the records held and broken in Mid-American Conference football history, and expand on what the relevance of this information is (or isn’t). In a rivalry game against Marshall, Nathan Rourke made history.

It’s no secret that one of the main reasons why Ohio was one of the nation’s most-scoring teams over the last two years is because of the quarterback still at the school. “The Kawhi Leonard of Football” Nathan Rourke is one of the least talked-about quarterbacks in the college game, but he’s officially going to become the most talked-about players in Ohio’s history. There’s a lot of legacy left to be written for him, but in Week 3 of his third year as the starting quarterback (29 total games), Rourke scored the 82nd, 83rd, then 84th career touchdown to become the school’s new leader.

Top 11 in career TDs responsible for in Ohio’s history

1. 84, Nathan Rourke (2017-present)

2. 82, Tyler Tettleton (2009-13)

3. 66, Kareem Wilson (1995-98)

t4. 49, Kalvin McRae (2004-07)

t4 49, Cleve Bryant (1967-69)

6. 47, Boo Jackson (2008-2010)

7. 44, Andy Vetter (1974-77)

8. 41, Sammy Shon (1978-81)

9. 33, Chad Brinker (1999-2002)

t10. 31, Anthony Thornton (1987-90)

t10. 31, Dave Juenger (1970-72)

YARDS: Rourke also entered the season third all-time in career offensive yards at 6,409, but his 730 total yards gained so far this season (580 passing, 150 rushing) helped him pass Anthony Thornton (6,753) and is now second in program history with 7,139.

If Rourke were to at least tie Tyler Tettleton’s school record (10,027) in 12 games this year, starting from this point on, Rourke will have to average 320.89 yards per game. Through the first three games of this season, Rourke has averaged 243.33 yards per game.

Top 10 in career yards in Ohio’s history

1. 10,027, Tyler Tettleton (2009-13)

2. 7,139, Nathan Rourke (2017-present)

3. 6,753, Anthony Thornton (1987-90)

4. 6,262, Sammy Shon (1978-81)

5. 5,702, Kareem Wilson (1995-98)

6. 5,145, Boo Jackson (2008-10)

7. 4,946, Cleve Bryant (1967-69)

8. 4,653, Dontrell Jackson (1999-02)

9. 4,398, Kalvin McRae (2004-07)

10. 4,372, Austen Everson (2003-06)

SCORING: Entering the season, Rourke had 222 total points scored to have the sixth-most in school history, but he’s scored 12 total points so far this year which moved him up to fifth in career points scored at Ohio with 234. He’s behind Matt Weller (409), Louie Zervos (357 and counting), Kareem Wilson (302), and Kalvin McRae (296), but passed Kevin Kerr this season (229).

GOATHIO: While the records spell out that Rourke is one of the best quarterbacks, if not the best, in Ohio’s history, the most shameful part of his career is more of a crime on the rest of us. How have we come to a point where league play is on the horizon for the Bobcats and there’s no consensus as to what Rourke’s nickname should be.

  • “Air Canada”- The most popular nickname used right now, but Rourke doesn’t actually care for it.
  • “The Kawhi Leonard of Football”- Javon Hagan’s idea, and it’s probably best served as a note on the scouting report.
  • “The Maple Express”– Incredibly underrated, and probably fits more of his playing style than “Air Canada”
  • “GOATHIO”- I just made this up and it’s awful. Already regret it.

Twitter will figure out what Rourke’s actual nickname will be soon enough, but what matters most is that we can still feel safe in calling him one of the best. Maybe his nickname will just end up being “The Best.”

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