That’s Not How Recruiting Works, But OK

Today, Miami’s head coach had this great idea where he’d give the world a quote to run with. And it was quite the quote.

The question from The Columbus Dispatch’s Bill Rabinowitz to Chuck Martin during Monday’s teleconference was if the coach could describe the talent differences between Miami and Ohio State.

“Obviously a great, great football program, great, great football team. Very well-coached, loaded with talent at every position. There’s a physical mismatch. None of the kids that were recruited to play at Ohio State were looking to play at Miami-Ohio and vice-versa. I said it’s kind of like going to recess and they have the first 85 picks. *You can do pretty well at recess.” (* Editor’s note: I think that’s the sentence. Hard to understand the recording. Sorry.)

“The good thing for us is that we have kids who are excited — our Midwest kids, our Ohio kids — getting to play in the ‘Shoe, getting to play against the caliber of team that Ohio State is to see how you stack up… they’re really, really excited about this opportunity.”

While I sometimes loathe coachspeak, I do wonder why Martin doesn’t focus more on his players’ chance at playing/taking down a Playoff contender and instead leads off with a “our players aren’t as good as theirs” type of quote. I wonder why Martin can’t stop accepting mortality every time he thinks about this game. I wonder why he didn’t mention the development side of the game or the fact that this will be his young quarterback’s second chance at playing at a Big Ten school, and did well the first time. I wonder what recruiting disadvantages Martin thinks he’s at with Cincinnati because if last Saturday taught us anything, it’s that Martin ran out of good ideas on how to make Miami win games against teams that are also recruiting against (or not recruiting against, apparently) Ohio State for high school kids in the same state. Sure, Ohio State leads the country with a Blue Chip Ratio of 81%, but I wonder why Martin felt like he had to give an analogy about recruiting that… wait, that’s not how recruiting works.

I also wonder what more of Martin’s former players at Miami think about this.

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