2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Week 3 Results

Last week’s Pick ‘Em must have been pretty difficult for all of you to let a person like me come away with the most points gained on Saturday. And for that, I thank you.

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard (thru Week 3)

First, here’s the Week 3 leaderboard, which starts off with yours truly getting 27 points, followed by ColinApocalypse with 20, then Justin C/E-Scruff/Karp all coming in with 19 apiece.

Some new names on this list too. Welcome aboard Freeab, Jimmy Miller, Toledo Seahawks, and JWILLZ2020. Keep playing and maybe you’ll leapfrog some other people that have been in here since Week 0. (Just not me, please.)

ARAlvarado13 27
ColinApocalypse 20
Justin C 19
E-Scruff 19
Karp 19
Freeab 17
Jimmy Miller 17
Toledo Seahawks 17
Fitz 16
Matt Dizzle 15
Huron Boy 14
Nathan8848 13
JWILLZ2020 12
Big Kahuna 12
Vannzee 12
BenRUdrunkyet 11
Da_Gerd 11
Mr. 69 11

ColinApocolypse is the new leader of the Pick ‘Em, edging out Fitz by one point — 85 to 84. My big Satuday helped me get to third place with Karp, Huron Boy, E-Scruff, Da_Gerd, and Mr. 69 all between 71-75 points.

Click here if the spreadsheet embed below isn’t showing on your end. 

Here’s how everybody picked:

ONE POINT: Miami @ Cincinnati winner

94.7% correctly picked Cincinnati

5.3% picked Miami

ONE POINT: EMU @ Illinois winner

42.1% correctly picked EMU

57.9% picked Illinois

ONE POINT: FAU @ Ball State winner 

73.7% picked FAU

26.3% picked Ball State

TWO POINTS: Akron @ CMU winner

52.6% correctly picked CMU

47.6% picked Akron

ONE POINT: Louisiana Tech @ BGSU winner

68.4% correctly picked LA Tech

31.6% picked BGSU

ONE POINT: Buffalo @ Liberty winner

10.5% correctly picked Liberty

89.5% picked Buffalo

ONE POINT: Ohio @ Marshall winner

47.7% correctly picked Marshall

52.6% picked Ohio

ONE POINT: Georgia State @ WMU winner

52.6% correctly picked WMU

47.4% picked Georgia State

ONE POINT: Murray State @ Toledo winner

  • 100% correctly picked Toledo

ONE POINT: Kent State @ Auburn

100% correctly picked Auburn

ONE POINT: NIU @ Nebraska winner

  • 84.2% correctly picked Nebraska
  • 15.8% picked NIU

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s highest-scoring team of the weekend

  • 10.5% correctly picked WMU (57)
  • 73.7% picked Toledo
  • 10.5% picked Buffalo
  • 5.3% picked Miami

FOUR POINTS: MAC’s lowest-scoring team of the weekend

  • 5.3% correctly picked BGSU (7)
  • 73.7% picked Kent State
  • 10.5% picked Ball State
  • 5.3% picked Akron
  • 5.3% picked Miami

TWO POINTS: Who will lead Ohio in total rushing at Marshall?

  • 36.8% correctly picked Nathan Rourke
  • 57.9% picked any one of Ohio’s running backs
  • 5.3% picked other

TWO POINTS: Brett Gabbert’s QBR at Cincinnati?

  • 63.2% correctly picked 100.1-130 (122.3)
  • 31.6% picked 100 or below
  • 5.3% picked 130.1-140

TWO POINTS: Which team will have a better day passing?

  • 42.1% correctly picked CMU
  • 57.9% picked Akron

TWO POINTS: Who leads Akron-CMU game in total rushing?

  • 26.3% correctly picked other (CMU’s Kobe Lewis: 27 carries, 146 yards, 3 TD)
  • 42.1% picked Jonathan Ward (CMU)
  • 31.6% picked Deltron Sands (Akron)

TWO POINTS: How many defensive TDs will NIU have at Nebraska?

  • 89.5% correctly picked 0
  • 10.5% picked 1

TWO POINTS: Total yards by WMU’s LeVante Bellamy?

  • 21.1% correctly picked 121+ (198)
  • 36.8% picked 81-100
  • 26.3% picked 101-120
  • 15.8% picked 80 or fewer

TWO POINTS: Against Liberty, how many TDs will Buffalo running backs have?

  • 10.5% correctly picked 0-1 (1)
  • 84.2% picked 2-3
  • 5.3% picked 4+

TWO POINTS: TRUE OR FALSE? Bowling Green scores two touchdowns before halftime against LA Tech.

  • 57.9% correctly picked False
  • 42.1% picked True

TWO POINTS: TRUE OR FALSE? Kent State’s Matt Trickett 2ill make 100% of his field goals and PATs at Auburn.

  • 68.4% correctly picked True
  • 31.6% picked False

SIX POINTS: Pick six more winners in these select 10 non-MACtion games. Gotta get them all right.

Again, only one person was able to get all six games right! This week’s smart person is Jimmy Miller! His picks: Penn State over Pitt, Iowa over Iowa State, Duke over MTSU, Louisville over Western Kentucky, Minnesota over Georgia Southern and Washington over Hawai’i

The second-most popular pick in this selection from everyone is the one that Jimmy smartly stayed away from. Of the 19 people that played this week, 16 of us thought Maryland would definitely beat Rod Carey’s Temple Owls.

Here’s all of the games picked on, by popularity:

  • 17- Minnesota over Georgia Southern
  • 16- Maryland over Temple, Penn State over Pitt
  • 12- Louisville over Western Kentucky, Colorado over Air Force
  • 10- Washington over Hawai’i
  • 9- USC over BYU
  • 8- Duke over MTSU, Virginia over Florida State
  • 6- Iowa over Iowa State
  • 4- Iowa State over Iowa
  • 1- Hawai’i over Washington

Congrats to everybody that played and and fun with it this week. Week 4’s picks will go LIVE on Monday, as per usual.

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