2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Week 3’s Got It All

Week 3’s got a really fun lineup of games for us to pick from. We’ve got our first taste of MAC-on-MAC action (I feel like there should be a word for this. Oh well.), a pair of games at Big Ten schools, and non-conference rivalry matchups. There are some other games too. Those are just called Week 3 games.

Saturday, September 14
Game Time (ET) TV/Stream
EMU @ Illinois noon Big Ten Network
Miami @ Cincinnati noon ESPNU
FAU @ Ball State 2 p.m. ESPN+
Akron @ CMU 3 p.m. ESPN+
LA Tech @ BGSU 5 p.m. ESPN+
Buffalo @ Liberty 6 p.m. ESPN+
Ohio @ Marshall 6:30 p.m. Facebook
Kent State @ Auburn 7 p.m. ESPN2
Georgia State @ WMU 7 p.m. ESPN+
Murray State @ Toledo 7 p.m. ESPN3
NIU @ Nebraska 8 p.m. FS1

In this week’s Pick ‘Em, players can earn up to 44 freaking points — holy crap I didn’t realize how many points I crammed into this thing until I just now added this up — by getting everything right. Each MAC game gets you one point except for CMU vs. Akron. MAC games should be worth more points in my mind, so this “meh” crossover game is going to be worth two freaking points.



  • Deadline for entries will always be as soon as the games for that week kick-off. For this week, I’ll stop taking submissions as soon as the Saturday games begin at 11 a.m (Ohio-Pitt, plan accordingly).
  • Your entry with the latest timestamp is the one that matters the most. So you can make your picks on Monday, then submit new picks on Wednesday, but I’m only accepting Wednesday’s picks.

Click here if you’re looking for Week 2 Pick ‘Em results.

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Click here if you’re looking for the current MAC standings.

Click here if the form below doesn’t work for you.

Jesus, 44 points. If this is your first time playing, now’s an excellent chance to jump in and try running the table. Or if you forgot to play for a week or two, it’s time for you to make up for lost time. And for those of you who have been playing religiously and have been ahead of me in the standings, …maybe treat this one as a bye week.

Good luck!

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