2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Results: Week 1

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard (thru Week 1)

Congrats to Colinapocalypse, Fitz, Mr. 69, E-Scruff, and Da_Gerd all putting up 30+ points this week! There are a few more that have potential to get in that category pending the results of the Week 1 games lingering into tonight and tomorrow, but I’ll tell you more about that after the jump.

Here’s the complete leaderboard so far. Click here to see the week-by-week points totals.

Username Total
Colinapocalypse 45
Fitz 45
Da_Gerd 42
E-Scruff 42
Mr. 69 42
Karp 40
ARAlvarado13 39
Huron Boy 39
Jk52 39
BenRUdrunkyet 36
Matt Dizzle 35
Nathan8848 30
Robert Tomlinson 24
Matt Hammond 29
Cbus>A2 16
BroncoBilly 12
HomeyG 11
mpleafan 11
talbright83 11
Justin C 11
Big Kahuna 11
UofToledofans 10

Here’s what everybody picked:

ONE POINT: Albany @ CMU winner

  • 100% correctly picked CMU
  • 0% picked Albany

TWO POINTS: Who will lead the Chips in rushing that game? (write-in)

  • 11 correctly wrote in Jonathan Ward

ONE POINT: Kent State @ Arizona State winner

  • 93% picked Arizona State
  • 7% picked Kent State

TWO POINTS: Who will lead Kent State in receptions that game? (write-in)

  • 7 correctly wrote in Antwan Dixon

ONE POINT: Morgan State @ BGSU winner

  • 100% correctly picked BGSU
  • 0% picked Morgan State

TWO POINTS: Will BGSU hold Morgan State to two or fewer offensive touchdowns?

  • 26.7% correctly picked yes
  • 73.3% picked no

ONE POINT: Robert Morris @ Buffalo winner

  • 100% picked Buffalo
  • 0% picked Robert Morris

TWO POINTS: How many TD passes will Matt Myers have? (write-in)

  • 8 correctly wrote in two

ONE POINT: Akron @ Illinois winner

  • 93.8% correctly picked Illinois
  • 6.3% picked Akron

TWO POINTS: How many turnovers will Akron’s defense have?

  • 1 correctly picked zero
  • 6 picked 1
  • 7 picked two
  • 2 picked three

ONE POINT: Toledo @ Kentucky winner

  • 81.3% correctly picked Kentucky
  • 18.8% picked Toledo

TWO POINTS: How many passes will Carter Bradley throw?

  • 20% correctly picked 10-19
  • 13.3% picked 20+
  • 40% picked 1-9
  • 26.7% picked 0

ONE POINT: Ball State vs. Indiana winner (at Lucas Oil Stadium)

  • 87.5% correctly picked Indiana
  • 12.5% picked Ball State

TWO POINTS: How many passing yards will Drew Plitt have?

  • 86.7% correctly picked 300 or fewer
  • 13.3% picked 300+

ONE POINT: Rhode Island @ Ohio winner

  • 100% correctly picked Ohio
  • 0% picked Rhode Island

TWO POINTS: Will Kurtis Rourke see the field?

  • 43.8% correctly picked no
  • 56.3% picked yes

ONE POINT: EMU @ Coastal Carolina winner

  • 93.8% correctly picked EMU
  • 6.3% picked Coastal Carolina

TWO POINTS: First EMU defender to record a TFL?

  • 3 correctly wrote in Brody Hoying

ONE POINT: Illinois State @ NIU winner

  • 93.8% correctly picked NIU
  • 6.3% picked Illinois State

TWO POINTS: Tre Harbison will have __ touchdowns

  • 0% picked zero, the correct answer
  • 50% picked 1
  • 43.8% picked 2
  • 6.3% picked 3+

ONE POINT: Monmouth @ WMU winner

  • 100% correctly picked WMU
  • 0% picked Monmouth

TWO POINTS: Which Bronco WR will have the most receptions?

Note: DaShon Bussell and Giovanni Ricci both led the team with five receptions each. Pickers for Bussell and others will both get points here.

  • 18.8% correctly picked DaShon Bussell
  • 18.8% correctly picked other
  • 56.3% picked Jaylen Hall
  • 6.3% picked Keith Mixon

ONE POINT: Miami @ Iowa winner

  • 100% correctly picked Iowa
  • 0% picked Miami

TWO POINTS: How many offensive TDs will Miami score?

  • 100% correctly picked 2 or fewer
  • 0% picked 3+

TEN POINTS: Name 10 more FBS programs (not in the MAC) that will win their games on Saturday. (write-in)

  • If you picked nine games correctly, but included Tennessee in your 10, you received zero points. This is mostly an all-or-nothing endeavor
  • Some people thought they were slick and picked Iowa, even though they played a MAC team. In this, I said “10 more FBS programs (not in the MAC) that will win their games…” which I guess I technically didn’t rule Iowa out, but we all know you’re just double-dipping points here, since you already got the Iowa-Miami picks right. I respect you all shooting your shots, but I’m capping the few of you that did this at seven points instead of 10.
  • We’re still waiting on Oklahoma vs. Houston tonight and Notre Dame vs. Louisville tomorrow.
  • Somebody included the Week 0 games in Week 1 winners? I don’t know why, but I’ll let you have three points max.

For the most part, everybody’s write-in selections were right (Alabama over Duke, Clemson over Georgia Tech, etch.) but these three games tripped a few people up:

  • North Carolina over South Carolina
  • Georgia State over Tennessee
  • Boise State over Florida State
  • Notre Dame over Louisville

Of the 16 pickers this week, nine received a full 10 points and one received 7 points. Congrats to Fitz, Da_Gerd, E-Scruff, jk52, Huron Boy, me, ColinApocalypse, Karp, Robert Tomlinson, and Mr. 69 for the extra points in this round!

Stay tuned tomorrow morning for when the Week 2 picks go live!

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