I ask in the most agnostic way possible: is Ball State for real this time?

This team has done the whole charade before where the Cardinals have an impressive outing against a non-conference team. Gets my juices going. Then come October and November, it’s a totally different story. Last year, Ball State played Notre Dame close (24-16 loss), then had a good start in the Indiana game (38-10), but then lost half of its MAC games by 21 points or more.

Oh but to hell with last year. This was awesome:

  • Justin Hall leaped FIVE YARDS, OVER TWO DUDES in a tackle football game that a lot of the locals got to enjoy.
  • Drew Plitt had a decent day passing (26-41, 298 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT) and had five receivers with at least three catches each, and three with four or more receptions.
  • Caleb Huntley was bullied early on, but he grinded his way to 81 rushing yards, his longsest only coming at 11. Maybe more explosiveness here could’ve shifted the tide, but Indiana mostly had its way here on defense, holding Huntley to a 3.7-yard average.
  • Indiana’s kicker was 4 of 4 with field goals from 48, 30, 49, and 50 (!!!!!!) yards out. That’s 12 points from the kicker in a game decided by 10.
  • AJ Uzodinma lauched for a big interception early on that turned into (offensive) points for the Cardinals.
  • Does anybody at CBS know what’s going on in front of their eyes?

  • Ball State tied this game up in the first quarter (3-3) and in the second (10-10), and stayed in it most of the way. Indiana got to a 13-point lead in the third quarter (23-10) and a 2-point try after a 4th quarter TD gave IU a 31-17 lead.

It was a tough game all around and is about as good of a start you could ask for this team. Now alls we ask for is some consistency.

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