GAMEDAY PREDICTIONS: MAC doesn’t lose to FCS today

To the fans of Buffalo, Central Michigan, Bowling Green, and Kent State football: good morning, it’s finally gameday.

Thursday, August 29
Game Time (ET) TV/Stream
Robert Morris @ Buffalo 7 p.m. ESPN+
Albany @ CMU 7 p.m. ESPN3
Morgan State @ BGSU 7 p.m. ESPN3
Kent State @ Arizona State 10 p.m. Pac-12 Networks

Every gameday from now until the end of gamedays, I’ll provide you with some very necessary predictions like this. Today’s games make this post a Predictions Lite post, but it’ll suffice. (If you’re looking to join the MAC Pick ‘Em Pool, click here!)

No MAC losses to FCS schools

Not one of the FCS teams these MAC schools will play today finished with a winning record last year. Robert Morris went 2-9, Albany went 3-8, and Morgan State went 4-7.

Central Michigan and Bowling Green, no matter how you dice it up, are coming into the season on poor footing, which is why each school had to make coaching changes. If there are any MAC schools that are going to lose to their FCS opponents this year, CMU and BG are the two teams I would trust the most this year to lose those, but I’m not heartless.

Of these three games though, I think Buffalo should do just fine against Robert Morris. I don’t know anything about these FCS schools to have a real conversation about them, but that’s the joy in new seasons blossoming. We finally get to learn new football things.

ESPN crew turns Go Blue Reunion into “WILL MICHIGAN MAKE THE PLAYOFF?!”

Tyrone Wheatley is Morgan State’s head coach. Wheatley is one of Michigan’s best running backs with credentials as a first-round pick, NFL coach, and college coach. This is his first head coaching job, and since his first game will be against his teammate and quarterback Scot Loeffler, now in charge at Bowling Green.

Wheatley and Loeffler were teammates at Michigan from 1993 through 1995. You know who cares most about this? The guy who had the ever-loving audacity to come to Doyt Perry in his gameday Chad Henne shirsey and left tailgating early because he wanted to get in the game early and maybe get a picture of Wheatley and Loeffler while they’re chit-chatting during pre-game warm-ups. Go Blue.

ESPN’s going to love this too, because the smart people of the worldwide leader that get to determine the notes and content to present during this BG-Morgan State football game will realize that this reunion is the easiest in to get people riled up about the Playoff.

Today’s game and the Playoff have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but it’ll have everything to do with each other.

“Did you know that Scot Loeffler was Tom Brady’s QB coach in college?”


“Yep! He was a graduate assistant!”

“How cool!”

Matt Myers has a better debut than Tyree Jackson

No hard reasoning, just cause.

In Tyree Jackson’s debut against FCS Albany as a redshirt-freshman, the QB went 14 of 25 passing for 125 yards, a score and an interception each, and 60 rushing yards on 10 attempts. That lone TD didn’t come until there were 24 seconds left on the first half and the Bulls still trailed 14-13 at that point.

Not a beauty of a stat line to open, and I’m sure Myers can have a better first day than that.

(I know next to nothing about him, FWIW.)

Herm Edwards does the math

If this game is close, the post-game narrative might be misleading. Will Kent State lose to Arizona State 22-19? More than likely. One-possession game with less than six minutes to go and ASU has the ball? Bah god, that’s Herm Edwards’ music.

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