AAC Scrapping Divisions; MAC Still Needs to

On Tuesday, The American Athletic Conference’s commissioner, on an ESPN radio show, said that his league is working to scrap divisions in football beginning in 2020. The Mid-American Conference should absolutely do the same.

More on this later, but some quick thoughts:

  • The AAC has been through a lot of roster changes of its own, considering that it’s a young conference and UConn’s packing up its bags for the Big East.
  • The AAC will have 11 teams next year, the MAC will still be at 12.
  • The MAC has used divisions since 1997.
  • Back in my Hustle Belt days, I blogged about scrapping divisions and what the scheduling pods would look like if I were in charge.
  • I was not the first at HB to do so.
  • I don’t want to watch Toledo vs. Ball State or Bowling Green vs. Akron every year if I don’t have to.
  • Assuming the AAC totally wipes out divisions, that would make it only the second FBS conference to go this route. The first being the Big XII, which made the necessary change in 2017.

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