2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Week 0 Results

Yesterday was great, wasn’t it?

Football was back and both games were nuts. Miami-Florida made up for all the flags that couldn’t make it to College Gameday (exception: Ol Crimson), then one yard was the difference between Hawai’i’s upset over Arizona and taking the 10 p.m. kickoff into overtime.

Thanks to everybody (19 of yous) that played in the Week 0 introduction. And for those to didn’t play last week and want to, feel free to jump in tomorrow when the Week 1 Pick ‘Em goes live. Every Sunday I’ll post the results from the weekly Pick ‘Ems, then Monday I’ll have the new picks go live. Adjust your calendars accordingly.

2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em Leaderboard (thru Week 0)

Congrats to E-Scruff, BroncoBilly, and Colinapocalypse for being the only ones to pick both Florida and Hawai’i as the game winners for yesterday. Congrats to literally everybody on their 10 free points just for signing up.

Username Total
E-Scruff 12
BroncoBilly 12
Colinapocalypse 12
Fitz 11
HomeyG 11
Da_Gerd 11
ARAlvarado13 (me) 11
mpleafan 11
Mr. 69 11
talbright83 11
Justin C 11
Huron Boy 11
Big Kahuna 11
Matt Hammond 11
Karp 11
Matt Dizzle 11
Nathan8848 10
BenRUdrunkyet 10
UofToledofans 10

But, of course, these pickers know there are more points on the way, potentially. We’ll have to wait and see what the final results are, but here’s what you (well, we) picked:

ONE POINT: Miami-FL vs. Florida winner

  • 80% picked Miami
  • 20% picked Florida

ONE POINT: Arizona at Hawai’i winner

  • 85% picked Arizona
  • 15% picked Hawai’i

TWO POINTS: MAC East Champion

  • 90% picked Ohio
  • Somebody said Buffalo
  • Someone else picked Kent State

TWO POINTS: MAC West Champion

  • 35% picked toledo
  • 30% picked NIU
  • 20% picked EMU
  • 15% picked WMU

THREE POINTS: Which MAC receiver will lead the league in receptions? (write-in)

  • 5 picked Justin Hall (Ball State)
  • 3 picked Riley Miller (Ball State)
  • 2 picked Antwan Dixon (Kent State)
  • 2 picked Kalil Pimpleton (CMU)
  • 1 picked D’Wayne Eskridge (WMU)
  • 1 picked Arthur Jackson III (EMU)
  • 1 picked Danzel McKinley-Lewis (Toledo)
  • 1 picked Quintin Morris (BGSU)
  • 1 picked Cameron Odom (Ohio)
  • 1 picked Trevor Solomon-Wilson (Buffalo)
  • 1 picked jack Sorenson (Miami)
  • 1 picked Andre Williams (Akron)

FOUR POINTS: Which MAC running back will lead the league in rushing yards? (write-in)

  • 6 picked Bryant Koback (Toledo)
  • 5 picked LeVante Bellamy (WMU)
  • 4 picked Jaret Patterson (Buffalo)
  • 2 picked Tre Harbison (NIU)
  • 1 picked Andrew Clair (BGSU)
  • 1 picked Caleb Huntley (Ball State)
  • 1 picked Jo-El Shaw (Kent State)

FIVE POINTS: Which MAC quarterback will lead the league in QBR? (write-in)

  • 10 picked Nathan Rourke (Ohio)
  • 5 picked Jon Wassink (WMU)
  • 2 picked Mike Glass III (EMU)
  • 1 picked Mitch Guadagni (Toledo)
  • 1 picked Kyle Vantrease (Buffalo)
  • 1 picked Darius Wade (BGSU)

SIX POINTS: Will Frank Solich receive a contract extension before December?

  • 70% picked yes
  • 30% picked no

SEVEN POINTS: Will a MAC team crack the CFB Top 25?

  • 80% picked no
  • 20% picked yes

EIGHT POINTS: Which MAC-over-P5 upset will happen?

  • 70% picked EMU over Illinois
  • 15% said there won’t by any MAC over P5 upsets (only worth 3 points for being lame)
  • 10% picked Toledo over Kentucky
  • Somebody picked Ball State over Indiana

PICK ALL: Which teams will make head coaching changes by/before the end of 2019? (3 pts. for each right answer, -2 for each wrong answer)

  • 15 picked Ball State
  • 3 picked EMU
  • 3 picked WMU
  • 2 picked Miami
  • 1 pick each to BGSU, Kent State, Ohio, and Toledo

TEN POINTS: Would you like 10 free points just for the hell of it?

  • 100% picked yes
  • 0% picked no

MAC Freshman of the Year? (1 pick each unless noted otherwise)

  • 3 picked Peter Hayes-Patrick (RB, Akron)
  • 2 picked Trevor Solomon-Wilson (WR, Buffalo)
  • 2 picked Karmi Mackey (RB, EMU)
  • 1 picked O’Shaan Allison (RB, Ohio)
  • 1 picked Carter Bradley (QB, Toledo)
  • 1 picked Cameron Coleman (WR, WMU)
  • 1 picked Marshawn Foster (WR, WMU)
  • 1 picked Brock Horne (LB, BGSU)
  • 1 picked Michael Love (WR, NIU)
  • 1 picked Dylan McDuffie (RB, Buffalo)
  • 1 picked Jalen McGaughey (WR, Ball State)
  • 1 picked Lew Nichols (RB, CMU)
  • 1 picked Julian Ortega-Jones (WR, BGSU)
  • 1 picked Jake Rogers (WR, BGSU)
  • 2 did not pick

Tune in tomorrow to make your Week 1 picks, whether you’re returning or new to this.

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