Buffalo Fills Out 2022 Non-Conference Slate with FCS Holy Cross

The Bulls have added FCS program Holy Cross to its 2022 schedule, making it the lone home game of Buffalo’s non-conference slate that year.

The agreement fills Buffalo’s non-conference games through 2022, and are only one game away from filling out its 2023 schedule too. Of the 25 games scheduled in non-conference play (now through 2028), nine games are at home and Holy Cross is the fourth FCS team Buffalo will see.

Buffalo’s future non-conference home games

Robert Morris (2019)

Temple (2019)

Saint Francis (2020)

Wagner (2021)

Holy Cross (2022)

Liberty (2023)

UMass (2024)

UMass (2026)

UMass (2028)

This is Buffalo’s second scheduling move since the end of the season. In May, Buffalo and UMass agreed to a six-game series, where the Bulls will play host in 2024, 2026, and 2028 and travel to UMass in 2022, 2025, and 2027.

Buffalo’s future non-conference games

MAC team Opponent Date
Buffalo vs. Robert Morris 8/29/19
Buffalo @ Penn State 9/7/19
Buffalo @ Liberty 9/14/19
Buffalo vs. Temple 9/21/19
Buffalo @ Kansas State 9/5/20
Buffalo vs. Saint Francis 9/12/20
Buffalo @ Ohio State 9/19/20
Buffalo @ Army 10/24/20
Buffalo vs. Wagner 9/4/21
Buffalo @ Nebraska 9/11/21
Buffalo vs. Coastal Carolina 9/18/21
Buffalo @ Old Dominion 9/25/21
Buffalo @ Maryland 9/3/22
Buffalo vs. Holy Cross 9/10/22
Buffalo @ Coastal Carolina 9/17/22
Buffalo @ UMass 10/15/22
Buffalo @ Wisconsin 9/2/23
Buffalo vs. Liberty 9/16/23
Buffalo @ Old Dominion 9/23/23
Buffalo @ Missouri 9/7/24
Buffalo vs. UMass 9/14/24
Buffalo @ UMass 9/13/25
Buffalo vs. UMass 9/19/26
Buffalo @ UMass 9/25/27
Buffalo vs. UMass 9/16/28

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