3 more Toledo-Kentucky games added through 2028

Toledo and Kentucky will face off against each other for the first time next Saturday, but the schools have already added three more promises to play one another in 2025, 2027, and 2028.

In this four-game series, Kentucky will be the home team in Week 1’s of the 2019, 2025 (8/30), and 2028 (9/2) seasons, and Toledo will host the 2027 game (9/4). All games will be on Saturday.

The 2025 and 2027 games are the only games Toledo has scheduled in those years with 2024 and 2026 still empty, and 2028 having two road games: at Kentucky, then at San Jose State.

This move gives Toledo security that there’s going to be a Power 5 opponent on the Rocket schedule for eight of the next 10 years. The last time Toledo didn’t have a P5 team on its schedule was 2016 when the team played Arkansas State, Maine, Fresno State and BYU in the non-conference slate. And the last time before that? In 2005, Toledo faced Western Illinois and Fresno State.

Power 5 opponents on Toledo’s future schedules

1. at Michigan State (9/19/20)

2. at Notre Dame (9/11//21)

3. at Ohio State (9/17/22)

4. at Illinois (9/2/23)

5. at Kentucky (8/30/25)

6. vs. Kentucky (9/4/27)

7. at Kentucky (9/2/28)

There’s still a lot of time and there’s no real rush to get it all ironed out yet, but what’s next for Toledo, I believe, is that the program could make a move to try to start getting games for 2024 and 2026 by getting Power 5 opponents. That way, Toledo could go to its recruits and say “there’s a P5 team on our schedule every year through 2028.”

I would like to see another non-conference home game scheduled for Toledo with a team that the locals can get more excited about. The home games this year feature Murray State (FCS) and BYU, and next year there’s San Diego State and Central Connecticut State (FCS). In 2021, it’s Norfolk State (FCS) and Colorado State. I’m smelling a theme here. Toledo hosts Long Island (FCS) and UMass in 2022. Hmm.

The only home game Toledo has scheduled in 2023 is San Jose State, a team that doesn’t have the same prestige that it did in the 1980’s.

Toledo did a good job getting a ranked Miami-FL team to the Glass Bowl last year, and Kentucky is set to be the first P5 team to play there after a nine-year gap.

Toledo’s future non-conference games

MAC team Opponent Date
Toledo @ Kentucky 8/31/19
Toledo vs. Murray State 9/14/19
Toledo @ Colorado State 9/21/19
Toledo vs. BYU 9/28/19
Toledo @ Tulsa 9/5/20
Toledo vs. San Diego State 9/12/20
Toledo @ Michigan State 9/19/20
Toledo vs. Central Connecticut 9/26/20
Toledo vs. Norfolk State 9/4/21
Toledo @ Notre Dame 9/11/21
Toledo vs. Colorado State 9/18/21
Toledo @ UMass 10/2/21
Toledo vs. Long Island 9/3/21
Toledo vs. UMass 9/10/22
Toledo @ Ohio State 9/17/22
Toledo @ San Diego State 9/24/22
Toledo @ Illinois 9/2/23
Toledo vs. San Jose State 9/26/23
Toledo @ Kentucky 8/30/25
Toledo vs. Kentucky 9/4/27
Toledo @ Kentucky 9/2/28
Toledo @ San Jose State 9/9/28

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