2019 MAC Football Pick ‘Em: Earn some extra credit before school starts



The MAC Football Pick ‘Em is now in its ninth year of existence, after Brandon Fitzsimons introduced the points-based game-picking game over at Hustle Belt, then brought it over to Free on Saturday for a little bit. Now, Fitz has given me the keys to keep this thing going, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

In any case, thank you Fitz for letting me have fun with your tradition.

But since this is now my responsibility, I’m going to introduce the Pick ‘Em’s move to MAC Prospectus by letting you get a down-payment on some points you might forget about when you finally earn them. (You’ll figure it out when you get there.)

Since it’s Week 0, there aren’t any MAC teams participating, but there are two FBS games being played this Saturday, which is basically the same thing as football season starting up. Let’s just go ahead and pick those games, because why not? Then there are a few more questions I’ll have for you in this Pick ‘Em which will let you earn some points later on as the season progresses.


This is all pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll quickly explain it anyways.

Every week, I’ll have a new Pick ‘Em for you to pick games and other things I want to throw in there for you to get right, get wrong, get points and brag about it on Twitter.

Pick your username, fall in love with it, and don’t change it. When you make your picks, you’ll enter your username, which I’ll go back and refer to when I add up all the points.

After each weekly Pick ‘Em goes live, I’ll share the results from the previous week and give you an updated leaderboard to show you who’s winning and who needs some work.


  • Deadline for entries will always be as soon as the games for that week kick off. For this week, I’ll stop taking submissions as soon as the Miami vs. Florida game begins.
  • Your entry with the latest timestamp is the one that matters the most. So you can make your picks on Monday, then submit new picks on Wednesday, but I’m only accepting Wednesday’s picks.

Below is the forum for you to make your picks. If that’s not working, then please click here.

Good luck!

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