Scot Loeffler: Method Man

“You don’t know me and you don’t know my style /

“Who be gettin’ flam when they come to a jam?” -Method Man, 1993

Bowling Green hasn’t won a game over Toledo, its biggest and most hated rival, since 2009 which is a really long time. A really long time.

And new BG head coach Scot Loeffler’s doing his part to keep the big rivalry game treated like a Big Rivalry Game.

The first-year coach is making the Battle of I-75 rivalry matter by torturing his players with Toledo’s fight song played at practices.

It’s cute that coaches started doing the “no one game is more important than the rest, we’re just focused on this week” thing but I more honestly hate that coaches kept that game up because it’s so far from the funner and more important aspects of college football. I wish more coaches by and large outwardly gave a damn about the rivalries.

That’s a tangent for another day, but I have to commend Loeffler for doing his part at BG. Nothing on paper inspires me to think that BG’s going to be any good this year, but Loeffler’s job isn’t to inspire me.

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