It’s Puke Out Water and Finish Your Rep SZN

People that like sports like to talk about experience a lot and think of it in synonymous terms of “knowing the playbook” or “understanding teammates’ tendencies” and sometimes even “time management.”

Of course, experience for one person isn’t the same for another, even if those two same people have an equal amount of days in the same system together. Just because you’re still on a/the roster, that doesn’t mean someone’s getting better because of it.

Fans love ‘experience’ but have none of it in understanding the word. Fans, we need a number. We need something as easy to point to and say “that’s a completion” or “that’s a tackle for loss” or “that’s a catch” to track one’s performance.

I’m writing this blog to tell you that experience ought to be measured in reps finished after puking up water.

I really hope it’s just water.

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