Toledo hosts San Jose State 2023, travels 2028

Toledo and San Jose State will be playing each other in 2023 and 2028, as announced by the schools on Monday.

The 2023 matchup will be in Toledo and the 2028 game will be at SJSU. It’ll be the first time these two teams have played against each other since 1981 when the Rockets won 27-25 in the first-ever California Bowl on a script-written, game-winning, 41-yard field goal (his longest headed into the game was 40, if you enjoy some subtext) over the Spartans.

SJSU’s 3-4 all-time against the Mid-American Conference, and most recently beat Bowling Green 29-20 in the 2012 Military Bowl.

SJSU has hosted MAC teams twice and lost both games. In 1979, the Spartans lost to Central Michigan, then in 1995, lost a September home game to Northern Illinois. They lost both games by three points combined.

All SJSU vs. MAC games:

  • CMU 34, SJSU 32 in the 1979 season finale at Spartan Stadium.
  • Toledo 27, SJSU 25 in the 1981 Cal Bowl.
  • SJSU 37, Miami 7 in the 1986 Cal Bowl.
  • EMU 30, SJSU 27 in the 1987 Cal Bowl.
  • SJSU 48, CMU 24 in the 1990 Cal Bowl.
  • NIU 18, SJSU 17 in a 1995 regular season game at Spartan Stadium.
  • SJSU 29, BGSU 20 in the 2012 Military Bowl.

Toledo already has its non-conference games lined up through 2022, and Illinois was the first game Toledo locked up for 2023 (on the road).

The 2028 game is the only one set up for that year so far, and no games are yet scheduled from 2024-2027.

College football’s so petty with these kinds of details and I don’t understand the advantage of inking this game nine years in advance when there’s a perfectly fine 2024 sitting right there.

Honestly, what do these people talk about in these conversations when figuring out their schedules?

“How about 2026?”

“No, that’s just too soon.”

“Mm, indeed. Good point.”

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