Chuck Martin previews the Ohio State game

Since there’s no clear-cut option as to who’s going to replace Gus Ragland at quarterback for Miami this year, head coach Chuck Martin’s plan is to have two guys duke it out up until MAC play begins. When asked about his quarterback plans and laid out why his plan the way it is, he said that he needed experience not only for whoever the starter is, but whoever the backup’s going to be needs experience under his belt too.

The two main guys fighting for that starting position are redshirt-sophomore Jackson Williamson and redshirt-freshman A.J. Mayer. Right now, it’s hard to predict who’s going to play and honestly, we don’t know if they’re Division-I good yet because we’ve never seen them play before.

Martin was asked about it after Miami opened up camp and he gave his development-sensitive answer (jokes aside, it’s a plausible answer), but here’s my favorite quote from the answer he gave:

“We have to get two kids ready to play this year. By the time we get to Buffalo, Week 5, we can’t just have one kid ready to play because what happens if at Ohio State, you know, grabs his right arm, rips it off his body, throws it into the bleachers, and we have to play the backup but we haven’t gotten him ready?”

Mortality is always a hot topic for college kids and there’s no greater lesson on the subject than playing at Ohio State who could probably beat Miami by 30, maybe 40, at the end of the first half. But this also sounds like a religious sacrifice, and I can’t imagine a greater lesson on that subject than a college kid losing a ligament in a bodybag football game just so you can get ready for the Buffalo Bulls.

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