New Twitter because reasons

This is a really weird story and it’s actually not really a story at all.

Fair warning. If you make it to the end, you’ll regret it before then.

I’ve finally pulled the plug on the old Twitter account. So right now if you haven’t already, please give @MACProspectus a follow. Chances are, you’re still following @MACProspectus__ instead.

The old account had somewhere between 2,800-3,000 something followers (I got that down to 2.2k but that’s a story for another day), which sounds nice but there’s a lot to consider in those numbers. When I first had this blog in mind, I was working for a newspaper in Indiana. Watching and keeping up with all the games became more difficult to do in real-time, but following recruiting was an option for me to keep current.

Making this blog an independent project, I asked Mike Karpinski and Charles Doss to join/help me get going since they did such an awesome job at Hustle Belt, where we all previously wrote together. Karp had two Twitter accounts, his personal one and his recruiting one (@MAC_Crootin). Ultimately, I thought that since that was his account, and he already used it to talk to coaches and players before (though, needed an update or two since it hadn’t been used in roughly a year and a half, if memory serves me right) so we just used that account to get things going.

So @MAC_Crootin turned into @MACProspectus, which then went through a few identity crises in just the two years since became a thing you could type into your search bars. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out the way we had hoped from all of our ends. I’m the only one still here (still love those boys) and now the recruiting account for this blog is @MACfbRecruiting, which had a fresh start.

Long story short, I didn’t take my writing very seriously for a while after I left journalism and I let it shake me more than it should’ve. There’s nothing redeeming to say about a lot of this blog’s life. I’ve been a pretty bad dad. Now I’ve hit a point where I want to start going to bed knowing that I’ve done something on this blog that I’m at least happy with.

Using Karp’s old Twitter account for recruiting at the time seemed like a worthwhile move, but it came with a lot of dead weight. Too much, actually. Again, there were about 3,000 followers on that Twitter account at its height, but I see the stats my blog gets. It’s a very cute percentage of the Twitter following.

But keep in mind, it was a recruiting account at first. Most of the people following that page were:

  • former prospects that did go to MAC schools,
  • prospects that went elsewhere,
  • prospects that went nowhere,
  • parents and relatives of those prospects that either went somewhere or nowhere at all,
  • high school coaches,
  • people that haven’t tweeted since 2015.

It got to a point to where that’s just a big number next to my “followers” and it’s not really serving the purpose it was meant to anymore.

The main purpose for the Twitter account was because the plan was to make things about recruiting and recruiting only. Now that I’ve broadened the content to all thing MAC football & recruiting, it didnt make sense to keep going with that same account.

Truth be told, making a new account *now* barely makes any sense either, but it had to be done.

So, in a move that really should’ve just happened two years ago, I created the blog’s official Twitter account. If you think this is annoying of me to do, it’s because you’re right.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of this blog post!

Just going to be totally honest here. I have no idea how to end a post where I have to tell you that I screwed up two years ago by not making a Twitter account for this blog, so I’m doing it now. I feel awkward writing this thing. I could only imagine how you feel just for reading all of this.

None of this was meant to inspire hope. But on a positive note, I’m still not living in Indiana anymore, so that’s a good thing to close out on.

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