Wake up, wake up, wake up It’s the first of the month.


Not pivoting from blogging or whatever. On the first of the month, I’ll give an overall update on what I’ve had going over here at MAC Prospectus dot com, both for you and me. For you because if you actually like my MAC football content, then I want to help you get caught up to speed. I also want to show you what I’ve done because I hope you like it. And for me because I need to keep myself more accountable for the content of this website moving forward.

Also, I’ve been thinking about doing something first-of-the-month related and this is the best I could come up with.


In efforts to put the foot down on the pedal here, I’ve been keeping up with my podcast better than initially promised. My new promise to you: no more promises.

MAC Prospectus Audio episodes during July 2019:

  • 22. 2019 MAC football preview: Toledo’s running backs
  • 23. MAC Prospectus Picks: Ohio in the East & NIU in the West
  • 24. MAC Media Day 2019: Roundtable with commissioner Jon Steinbrecher
  • 25. MAC Media Day 2019: State of the MACtion, what reporters look forward to
  • 26. Transfer Portal: BGSU’s QB situation, Cortez Lewis, Qwuantrezz Knight
  • 27. Late additions: S Jayden Russell to Miami, DT John Mitchell to Akron

Episode 22 was before the holiday weekend, then 23-27 were all published within eight days to wrap up the month. Having MAC Media Day provide a bunch of content (which, duh) helped out, and now that the season’s really beginning, it’ll be easier to string some close-to-daily pieces together.

Of those episodes though, I enjoyed 25’s bit that I put together at Media Day. What I did was go up to some beat reporters and asked them all the exact same question. What are you most looking forward to this year in your coverage? The reason I did that is because I thought this would be a little bit more original than the words you’ll already be reading over at your favorite local newspaper.

Again, thank you Allen Moff of The Record-Courier, Brian Buckey of The Toledo Blade, Jason Arkley of The Athens Messenger, Andrew Loveland of CM Life, Kaleb Carter of DeKalb Daily Chronicle, Rachel Lenzi of The Buffalo News, Seth Berry of the Western Herald, and Nick Piotrowicz of The Blade for being part of that episode during a workday, when you’re all on deadline, with absolutely no heads up from me whatsoever.


This will probably qualify as a hot take or whatever, but I have Toledo going 4th in the MAC West this year. This is based on:

  1. Toledo’s losing three incredibly awesome and currently under-appreciated wide receivers.
  2. In short, I am the least confident person ~in the MAC media~ on Toledo’s quarterbacks, especially without Diontae Johnson, Cody Thompson and Jon’Vea Johnson.
  3. The defenses under Jason Candle haven’t been all that great.
  4. Toledo’s one of the best, if not the best, program in terms of recruiting so I can’t totally ignore that.
  5. Toledo *did* finish 7-6 last year and maybe could still lose to one or two or all of EMU, NIU, and WMU even if they’re all home games. Bad things happen to good people.
  6. I’m good at being wrong at these things.
  7. We all do these things because they don’t matter, but it’s a fun thought experiment.

I thought about those seven things for a while, then the day before media day, I published my picks. I was reminded that people actually read my tweets, because the app will tell me if somebody tweets my tweet.

Not only is this insane, but this has been screenshotted just in case. Jordan Strack disagrees with me and I couldn’t agree more. Toledo’s a heavy favorite to win the division, says the media and national magazines. Again, Toledo’s got its important conference games at home, has recruited very awesomely, and Koback Bryant is the danged truth at running back.

The thing that’s clouding everything is the very real possibility of another 2015 situation. That’s when NIU, WMU, Toledo, and CMU all went 6-2 in conference play, but the Huskies still won out in the end. It probably won’t happen, but who am I to count it out from happening for the second time in a decade?


I’ll keep my first NEWSLETTER post short and let you know that I’m working on starting a new series of posts for the blog. I have the first post written, just piece-mealing some edits to it and I’ll publish it when I decide to publish it.

The series’ first piece has to do with Frank Solich.

There’s more that I should be including here, but I just want to go to bed and leave this for you to read in the morning.

Then, you know. regular football season stuff. The MAC starts having games exactly four weeks from now, which is still too far away!

Follow along with me on the Twitters to stay in the loop. (@ARAlvarado13, @MACProspectus, @MACfbRecruiting).

I appreciate your support. -A

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