25. MAC Media Day 2019: State of the MACtion, what reporters look forward to


Show notes:

In this episode, I’ll play the entire “State of the Conference” opening statements from Mid-American Conference Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher at MAC Media Day. That runs for a good (20-30) minutes, then I’ll take you into a bit that was a lot of fun to string together. I went around and asked a few reporters the same one question and a follow-up for each of them. That question: What are you looking forward to in your coverage this year?

A special thanks to Allen Moff of The Record-Courier (32:57), Brian Buckey of the Toledo Blade (34:09), Jason Arkley of Athens Messenger (35:50), Andrew Loveland of CM Life (37:50), Kaleb Carter of DeKalb Daily Chronicle (39:136), Rachel Lenzi of The Buffalo News (42:44), Seth Berry of the Western Herald (44:37), and Nick Piotrowicz of the Toledo Blade for joining.

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