24. MAC Media Day 2019: Roundtable with commissioner Jon Steinbrecher


Show notes:

Mid-American Conference Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher is entering his 11th season to lead the league. To cap off MAC Media Day, Steinbrecher sat down with the media for a roundtable discussion. Topics that the commissioner was asked by me and/or other media include: 
  • The importance of full-membership stability 
  • Conference realignment, UConn 
  • The “balance” between attendance & television 
  • The future of highlighting the MAC’s rivalry games 
  • The 2020-2025 bowl cycle 
  • MAC’s new coaches
  • Player safety – Jolly Roger etiquette – Bowl performances 
  • “The gap” between MAC vs. P5 conferences & MAC vs G5 conferences 
  • Are high-scoring midweek games good for the MAC? 
  • The influence Frank Solich has, or doesn’t have, on future MAC coaches 
  • Using Buffalo’s overall hoops success to “raise the bar” in the conference

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