2019 Undrafted Free Agent MAC Player Tracker

With the NFL Draft over, more players are still trying to find jobs in the league. As guys sign contracts, get invited to minicamps, float around from team to team and so forth, I’ll keep this post updated with the necessary edits.

Click here to see which MAC players got picked in the Draft. 

So far, 41 MAC players have either signed with teams or are invited to rookie minicamps.

S Josh Allen (Miami) — Miami safety Josh Allen will tryout with the Cleveland Browns after receiving an invitation to rookie minicamp.

OT Ka’John Armstrong (EMU) — Armstrong, much like his college teammate Blake Banham, received an invite to Minnesota’s rookie minicamp.

DE Eric Assoua (WMU) — WMU defensive end Eric Assoua has been invited to Oakland’s rookie minicamp.

WR Blake Banham (EMU) — Banham joined the Eagles as a last-minute walk-on, carved himself a niche on special teams, earned a scholarship after his sophomore year, changed positions from running back to receiver and became a captian his senior year. Now, Banham will try out with the Vikings.

TE Nate Becker (Miami) — Becker has signed a deal with the Detroit Lions after going undrafted.

LB Brian Bell (Akron) — Bell, who had 183 career tackles (12 for loss), has been invited to Browns’ minicamp.

DE Walter Brady (Akron) — Brady came to Akron last year as a graduate transfer from Middle Tennessee State. In 2018, Brady played in every game (one start) and made 30 tackles (5.5 TFL). Brady has been invited to Cleveland’s rookie minicamp.

CB Kyron Brown (Akron) — Akron’s Kyron Brown has signed a UDFA deal with the Jets.

OG Shakir Carr (CMU) — Offensive lineman Shakir Carr has been invited invited to Colts minicamp.

DE Josh Corcoran (NIU) — After playing on the other side of Sutton Smith for the last couple of years, Josh Corcoran has signed a UDFA deal with the Chargers.

LB Evan Croutch (Ohio) — Ohio linebacker Evan Croutch has been invited to Jacksonville’s rookie minicamp.

EDGE Jamal Davis (Akron)  — Jamal Davis was a combine invitee that went undrafted. Now, Davis has signed a UDFA deal with the Texans.

CB Jalen Embry (NIU) — NIU corner Jalen Embry has signed a UDFA contract with the Texans.

WR James Gardner (Miami) — Gardner missed most of his senior season with an injury after back-to-back All-MAC seasons. Now he’s been invited to Bills minicamp.

CB Montre Gregory (BGSU) — The BG corner Montre Gregory has been invited to Kansas City’s rookie minicamp.

DE Chuck Harris (Buffalo) — Harris signed a UDFA contract to play pro ball with the Bears.

DE Jeremiah Harris (EMU) — EMU’s other defensive end, Jeremiah Harris, has signed with the New York Giants on a UDFA deal.

DT Reggie Howard (Toledo) — Howard signed a UDFA deal with the Chargers. Howard is a product of going through the JUCO route, getting his feet wet at Fort Scott C.C. before transferring in 2017.

LS Luke Idoni (CMU) — Luke Idoni has received invitations to two minicamps: one with Detroit and another with Chicago.

QB Tyree Jackson (Buffalo) — Adam Schefter reports that Jackson is getting $75,000 guaranteed to play for the Bills as an undrafted free agent. Jackson was heavily hyped up to be a big draft pick.

WR Anthony Johnson (Buffalo) — Anthony Johnson, after going undrafted, has signed a UDFA deal with Tampa Bay.

WR Jon’Vea Johnson (Cowboys) — Jon’Vea Johnson has signed a UDFA deal with the Cowboys.

OG Sami Kassem (Toledo) — Kassem was Toledo’s starting right guard for 22 games over the last two year, and has been invited to Washington’s rookie minicamp.

OC John Keenoy (WMU) — After a great career with Western Michigan, John Keenoy signed UDFA deal with Minnesota.

CB Cam Lewis (Buffalo) — Buffalo corner Cam Lewis, like his teammate Tyree Jackson, has signed a UDFA contract with the Bills of Buffalo.

OT Joe Lowery (Ohio) — PFF All-American left tackle Joe Lowery has signed a UDFA deal with the Chicago Bears.

CB Josh Miller (Ball State) — After a career 23 passes defended (13 his junior year), Miller has been invited to Detroit’s rookie minicamp.

OL Odell Miller (WMU) — WMU’s Odell Miller has been invited to the Browns’ rookie minicamp. In college, Miller was used as a lead blocker from the fullback and tight end positions, but it looks like he’ll get his shot as an offensive lineman.

DT Kalil Morris (Kent State) — Kent State nose tackle Kalil Morris signed a UDFA deal with the Ravens.

S Kylan Nelson (Ohio) — Ohio safety Kylan Nelson has been invited to Arizona’s rookie minicamp

OC James O’Hagan (Buffalo) — After being a four-year starter for the Bulls, James O’Hagan has signed a UDFA deal with the Giants.

RB A.J. Ouellette (Ohio) — A.J. Ouellette had an awesome career at Ohio — 3,829 career yards and 32 rushing TDs — and now he’s got his shot at the NFL with a minicamp invite to Jacksonville.

OT Brock Ruble (Toledo) — Brock Ruble, who joined Toledo after transferring from Florida State, has signed a UDFA contract with Tampa Bay.

CB Albert Smalls Jr. (NIU) — Northern Illinois corner Albert Smalls had to wait a day after the draft ended before he signed his deal. Smalls is headed to Oakland, but I haven’t seen any details on if he signed, if he’s just invited to minicamp, or whatever the deal is.

CB Tatum Slack (Buffalo) — At Buffalo, Tatum Slack had 75 career tackles, 15 passes defended, and two interceptions as a senior. Now he’ll tryout with the Detroit Lions with a minicamp invitation.

WR Kwadarrius Smith (Akron) — Speedy receiver Kwadarrius Smith has signed a UDFA contract with the Titans.

WR Cody Thompson (Toledo) — Thompson has signed a UDFA deal with the Chiefs. In his lengthy career at Toledo, Thompson caught 181 passes for 3,312 yards and scored 30 times.

WR Mykel Traylor-Bennett (Akron) — MTB was invited to Oakland’s rookie minicamp to put his 6-3 frame to work.

WR Papi White (Ohio) — Papi White, who has been Ohio’s top receiver over the last couple of seasons, has signed a UDFA deal with the Jaguars.

CB, Ross Williams (EMU) — Williams was invited to attend Pittsburgh’s rookie minicamp.

RB Kenny Young (Miami) — Kenny Young had more receiving yards (384) than he did rushing (367) his senior year, and now he’s been invited to Ravens’ minicamp.

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