New Toledo football schedule report raises a little question reported that Toledo’s inked a few more non-conference games in the coming years. There will be a home-and-home against UMass in 2021 & 2022, and the Rockets will host FCS teams Central Connecticut State in 2020 and Norfolk State in 2021. The good news is that with these additions, the 2020 and 2021 non-conference schedules are booked for the Rockets.

In 2020, the Rocket non-conference slate reads: at Tulsa (9/5), vs. San Diego State (9/12), at Michigan State (9/19) and home to CCSU (9/26). The 2021 schedule for UT: vs. Norfolk (9/4), at Notre Dame (9/11), vs. Colorado State (9/18) and at UMass (10/2).

The report said that Toledo will play host to UMass in 2022 oh Saturday, Sept. 10 which is funny because earlier Toledo had told San Diego State they’d be at their house that day.

This is all coming through a report, so I’m willing to bet the schools were working this particular detail out because Toledo’s not dumb and I’m sure they looked at their planners before inking the series with UMass. Also, playing at San Diego State would be fun, so why wouldn’t Toledo want to play that game?

Toledo at San Diego State game in 2022 will have to be rescheduled from the original slot, but to when? SDSU’s booked Weeks 1 & 3 in 2022, as is Toledo. The easy answer is somewhere between Weeks 4-6 that season, but what if that’s not a mutual feeling between the two schools?

SDSU could, and I’m still just spitballing here, tell Toledo to come to town in 2023 instead, giving the Aztecs a complete schedule for the season while the Rockets would be halfway done for that year. It’s not a race to get schedules finished, but it’s a possibility. SDSU would have three non-conference home games this year with UCLA being the Power 5 school to come in during Week 2. Putting Toledo in the same stadium just two or three weeks later, and by no means am I an economist, would probably sell some tickets. (It helps that SDSU has been good for a while now, too.)

Click here for my updated non-conference tracker. 

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