Tyree Jackson only window-shopped NCAA transfer portal

During the Senior Bowl media day, Tyree Jackson had this to say about why he played the hokey-pokey with the NCAA transfer portal:

News broke in late December that Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson had entered his name in the transfer portal. At the podium, Jackson explained his thought process and decision to enter the portal by saying, “It was one of those things where my family wanted me to look at every single option. They wanted me to hear the coaches from the University at Buffalo. They wanted to put my name in the portal and see what happened. But after the last game, I knew that I was going to declare and they just wanted to make sure I was 100% and heard each option.” Jackson also stated that he was never going to attend another school or do official visits. Although he entered the portal it doesn’t appear that transferring was a real option for him. (Optimum Scouting)

Maybe we’d have the same result and be talking about this exact same quote, but I wonder if Dan Enos’ hiring at Miami-FL (where K.J. Osborn transferred to) would’ve happened while Jackson’s name was still in the portal — if it would’ve been an interesting enough situation for him to reconsider and at least read the metaphorical brochure. Hate to play the What If? game, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been thinking about this.

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