Jinks out at Bowling Green

After last weekend’s report in the Toledo Blade, it’s no surprise that Mike Jinks was ultimately fired from Bowling Green on Sunday.

The Falcons have been pretty bad at the whole football side of things (especially on defense) with a 1-6 record in Jinks’ third year as the head coach and fresh off another disappointing MAC loss to Western Michigan, but that’s all besides the point.

All of the football-related things at BG were loud and obvious enough reasons for a change to be made, but it was Nick Piotrowicz’s report on Friday morning that ended up being the most damning. Caleb Bright, BG’s starting center, was sent to the hospital after the Georgia Tech game and when he had to stay there overnight, none of the coaches stayed with him.

Caleb’s father, Scott, said his son has no recollection of playing during the fourth quarter of the Falcons’ 63-17 loss to Georgia Tech.

The Brights praised the care given to their son by Bowling Green’s medical staff, but said they were disappointed none of the BGSU coaches remained in Atlanta with a hospitalized player. Instead, the entire football staff returned to Bowling Green as planned after the game.

“As parents, we were very frustrated on how this situation was handled,” Scott Bright said. “We wanted to make sure there are policies and procedures in place so another family doesn’t have to go through what we went through.”

Director of athletics Bob Moosbrugger said BGSU adhered to its emergency action plan to make sure Bright received the medical care necessary, but said the incident revealed shortfalls in providing emotional support.

“In hindsight, we recognize the protocols fall short in the human element in our own expectations of providing a great student-athlete experience,” Moosbrugger said. “We could have provided more support for Caleb and his family at that time.”

BG did not make football coach Mike Jinks available for comment.

It wouldn’t be surprising if we found out that Saturday was going to be Jinks’ final game for the orange and brown no matter the outcome since this news became public the day before (and things were getting difficult to keep him on-board in the first place), but it’s probably not worth speculating over. For now, he’s going to be paid his base salary of $437,228 through December 2020 unless he finds another football job.

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