Tuesday Night Lights: Eild, Eild East

Episode 63 of Tuesday Night Lights is live, and is available for you to download on your preferred podcast-listening device.

Episode description: 

Both divisions in the MAC are definitely something but we have no idea what any of this is supposed to mean. WMU’s apparently a contender, EMU’s apparently not, Miami is, Akron isn’t?

Shouts out to Brad Koenig who caused an interception, received a different interception* and had a fumble recovery between four plays in the fourth quarter at Akron. Then, to wipe it right on Akron’s face, Jordan Rigg scores a tuddy. Again.

*- lol sports officiating sometimes, i tell ya.

And because of that, the MAC East is… funky. Sure, the West is having a unique race of its own, but it’s just a blander version of the teams we were already talking about. But the East is just a mixed bag. Last year, Akron lost to a pretty bad Miami team, then beat the obvious division favorites the following week. This week, Akron plays Buffalo. Have fun with that.

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