New lids at Bowling Green

All images courtesy of Bowling Green Athletics

Bowling Green announced two sets of helmets that’ll be worn during the 2018 season. One is a tune-up for the generic orange helmets and the other is a nice tribute to the BG veterans.

In BG’s second game of the season, the Falcons will play host to Maryland on Sept. 8. That game is going to have two promos going on at the same time: it’s a ‘White Out’ and it’s Heroes Day.

The mostly white helmet that’ll be worn during the Maryland game is white with the BG logo on both sides. Some of the white in the helmet has little orange spots scattered throughout, giving it a little bit more of a gritty feel to it. The American flag is layered beneath the logo and the whole thing has a soft MultiCam shadowing to it. There’s a brown stripe running down the middle of the helmet with the names of 111 BG students “who have died in the line of service,” per the BG press release. The students’ names are written in orange. Instead of the players’ numbers on the back of the helmet, everybody will have 111 instead.

The second helmet BG unveiled is its “lightning orange” helmet. It’s fairly simple, but it’ll have a nice gloss instead of just a solid orange, which gives the Falcons a little bit more modernized look. The BG logo is on both sides with the brown and white stripe down the middle. The players’ numbers are on the back of the helmet, too.

In short, both of the helmets are actually pretty good looking. The white helmet does a great job honoring the services of the school’s veterans. The orange helmet is also simple, but it’s new, it’s shiny and I like shiny.

All images courtesy of Bowling Green Athletics.

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