Tuesday Night Lights: Ball State season preview circa 2018

Episode 43 of Tuesday Night Lights is live, and is available for you to download on your preferred podcast-listening device.

Episode description: 

Ball State’s favored to not be picked highly this year and a lot of that is because, no matter how you dice it up, it just hasn’t been good lately. Now it’s young, has some potential, now it just has to string together an actually good season.

Six questions we ask ourselves about Ball State in the year of 2018:

  1. Can Riley Neal finally break through?
  2. Is James Gilbert-Malik Dunner the best 1-2 punch for running backs in the MAC?
  3. Does Justin Hall lead his team in receptions again?
  4. Which player do you think will have the best comeback season?
  5. Is this a hot seat year for Mike Neu?
  6. Where can this team make the biggest surprise in 2018?

Send mailbag questions to: macprospectus@gmail.com

Tuesday Night Lights is a feature of MAC Prospectus and Free on Saturday. You can subscribe to the show via iTunes and Podbean and other podcast-listening apps.

Here’s a link to our intro and outro music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/moose

RSS feed: http://TueNightLights.podbean.com/feed/

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