Notebook: As seen on Bruce Feldman’s Freaks List

Even though my ignorance led me to only discover this last year, Bruce Feldman’s Freaks List is one of my favorite preseason series out there. Now that he’s moved from FOX to The Athletic, his list is broken up into five posts of ten players each — 50 freaks in total.

The Freaks List, if you’re as unaware as I was, it’s where Feldman points out the nation’s biggest freaks in the weight room. Last year’s biggest freak was Saquon Barkley, the former running back out of Penn State.

With the No. 41-50 ranked freaks now made public, three guys out of the MAC are recognized: Western Michigan’s LeVante Bellamy (No. 43), Buffalo’s Jeremiah Dadeboe (45) and Ball State’s Josh Miller (48).

Normally I’d copy and paste in some snippets written on the aforementioned players, but I’ll refrain from doing that since it’s behind a paywall. Here’s the skinny on each of them, though:

Bellamy’s a speedy running back who actually raced against teammate D’Wayne Eskridge in the Indiana high school state championship 100-meter race, but finished second to the wide receiver. Now, Bellamy recorded a sub-4.4 40 that was one one-hundredths of a second quicker than Eskridge, along with a better vertical and max squat.

Dadeboe was was a Division-I caliber volleyball player out of high school and now the safety’s playing to his strengths with a 42.5-inch vertical, the best in program history.

Miller worked his way from being an NAIA player out of high school to one of the strongest guys on Ball State’s roster and is a starting cornerback for that defense.


No matter what sport you play at Buffalo, hooping is in everybody’s blood. So let’s watch wide receiver Anthony Johnson drain a half-court shot, backwards, sitting on the ground.


No podcast this week

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