Notebook: Sam Beal’s gonna be a millionaire

Image above via @bodnarwmu.

Sam Beal had his Pro Day at Western Michigan on Thursday. Beal was hyped up to be a first or second-day draft pick in next year’s draft, but now that Beal’s career at WMU came to an abrupt finish, he’s got everybody’s undivided attention.

Accept everybody doesn’t have Beal’s attention, because he’s incredibly busy. Nobody was able to get a quote from the stud cornerback before or after the Pro Day event because Beal was talking to representatives from every NFL team. In fairness, Beal’s been pretty busy this entire month. Beal’s departure from WMU was only announced three and a half weeks ago. Before that, Beal was busy dealing with his academic standing at WMU.

What I like most about the second video where Beal runs a 4.4 40 is the reactions of everybody. None of them are too charismatic, but the enthusiasm they all try to hide behind their sunglasses while they’re all comparing times is glowing. Maybe the most honest guy out there is the dude in the white Nike hat, close to Patrick Nothaft’s recording. (I’m guessing he works for the Bengals, judging by his polo shirt.) Right after he sees the time, he just does one of those ‘get out of here’ gestures and realized that he just had a full day’s worth of work. That’s all he needed to see.

The NFL Supplemental Draft is going to be on July 11. Should Beal be picked highly, he’s going to get so damn paid.

Hype Train: DT Stephens

Ball State football’s video group is doing a series called The Red Zone, which just gets the players in front of a camera and talk about the goings on in their football lives. The final segment of this week’s episode was cool, because it wasn’t too cheesy.

Senior corners Josh Miller and Marc Walton are running the show, interviewing DT Stephens since he’s an incoming freshman corner that’s making early strides. They’re just kicking it. After Stephens talks about how he expects for himself to get on the field this year, Miller joins the campaign.

Miller says that during the summers when players aren’t officially practicing, they just meet up and have their own practices. Then when the freshmen and transfers finally show up, they join the player-run practices, too. Stephens is one of the new kids and Miller needs to know if he remembering this right. “This boy has been making some plays out here — I won’t even lie. What you have, about three picks so far?”

“Three interceptions.”

Obviously the three picks mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. What does matter is that he’s the freshman defensive player Ball State wanted to put in front of a camera.

Recruiting Update

If you want to be kept up-to-speed about the current recruiting cycle, look no further than my MAC Football Recruiting Tracker. Be sure to bookmark; I update it daily.

Of note:

  • Alante Brown, the dual-threat QB from Chicago decommitted from Miami at the beginning of the month and has since been offered by and committed to Michigan State.
  • With Sam Beal now off WMU’s roster, a scholarship was made available. That’ll go to 2018 WR/CB Kwaku Appiah, from Frankfort, Ill.
  • One of HS programs in Detroit is making real waves for coaching staffs across the MAC. QB Dequan Finn was and still is an impressive get for Central Michigan, Akron has DT Jalen Bell’s commitment, LB Rich Miller’s a huge 3-star recruit for Buffalo’s class and WR Jalen McGaughty was an early commit for Northern Illinois and he’s still picking up more offers.
  • While has wide receiver Darrell Wyatt, who also goes to Martin Luther King in Detroit, committed to Bowling Green, I can confirm that he is currently not committed to any school.


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