MAC Football Recruiting Tracker: Class of 2019

With summer camps heating up and recruiting classes starting to fill up, the 2019 recruiting cycle is well underway. As players commit and decommit from Mid-American Conference programs, MAC Prospectus will continue to be your home for all the recent updates.

Sorted by school in alphabetical order, the tables below show the current lists of players that have committed to their respective MAC schools. Click on the players’ names to view their individual highlight tapes.

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Last updated: 7/12/18, 9:27 p.m. ET

247sports’ composite team rankings, by total points: 1. Miami (137.26), 2. Western Michigan (128.60), 3. Toledo (118.43), 4. Ball State (105.80), 5. Northern Illinois (96.70), 6. Central Michigan (94.84), 7. Eastern Michigan (79.85), 8. Bowling Green (48.32), 9. Buffalo (32.45), 10. Akron (29.61), 11. Ohio (19.91), 12. Kent State (6.98)

(Note: teams’ timelines are currently works in progress)

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Total commits: 8

Akron timeline

5/16/18 DT Kobe Hilton commits

5/24/18 OL Tyler Connolly commits

6/12/18 DT Jalin Brown commits 

6/19/18 DT Jalen Bell commits

6/20/18 TE Quan Easterling, OG Jaison Williams commit

6/22/18 LB Jarred Uran commits

6/26/18 LB Max Wynn commits; held 13 FBS offers


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Total commits: 15

Total PWOs: 1; QB Cam Gillentine

Ball State timeline

6/19/18 OL Caden Niekamp, OL Porter Haught commit

6/23/18 ATH Will Gipson commits

6/24/18 LB Clayton Coll, DE Jake Stern commit

6/25/18 DT Justen Ramsey commits

6/29/18 QB Cam Gillentine commits (as preferred walk-on)

7/4/18 TE Seth Schmidt commits


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Total commits: 9

BGSU timeline

6/15/18 OLB Decarleon Townsend commits

6/23/18 WR-JUCO Josh Moore commits

6/25/18 OL Luke Harmon, QB Logan Holgorsen, S Jaden Gragg commit. Holgorsen is the son of WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen; previously committed to North Texas

6/26/18 OL Grant Abbott commits

6/28/18 S/ATH Jordan Anderson commits


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Total commits: 8

Buffalo timeline

6/5/18 TE Tyler Stephens commits

6/6/18 OLB Fabian Weitz commits

6/16/18 S/CB Larry Robbins commits

6/18/18 WR Javien Cuff commits

6/19/18 LB Rich Miller commits

6/21/18 FS Trey Franklin commits

6/23/18 S Marcus Fuqua commits

6/24/18 OL Bence Polgar commits

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Total commits: 12

CMU timeline

6/20/18 CB Demarcus Governor commits

6/26/18 LB Logan Guthrie commits

6/27/18 S Ormondell Dingle commits

6/28/18 OLB/DE Justin Whiteside commits

7/8/18 OL Cameron Vaughn commits, held an offer from South Carolina

7/12/18 OL/DL Maverick Hansen commits


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Total commits: 10

Total decommits: 1; OLB James Lewis (Coffeyville C.C.)

EMU timeline

6/20/18 CB Corry Thomas Jr. commits; *will graduate from Westlake in Atlanta, Ga.

6/21/18 DT Aaron Hamilton commits

6/22/18 DE Patrick Ross commits

6/23/18 CB Mark Lee Jr., CB Kemtpon Shine commit

6/24/18 DE DeZaun Brooks commits

6/26/18 RB Darius Boone commits

6/26/18 DT Alex Merritt commits

6/28/18 LB Devin Nicholson commits

6/30/18 OL William Racely commits


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Total commits: 4

Kent State timeline

6/15/18 OL Jack Bailey commits

6/23/18 OL Logan Swartz commits

6/25/18 OL Mike McNicholas commits

7/3/18 CB Bryson Whitehead commits


Read more: Miami-OH

Total commits: 23

Total decommits: 2; OT Spencer Holstege (Grand Rapids, Mich. — flipped to Purdue), QB Alante Brown (Chicago, Ill. — flipped to Michigan State as wide receiver)

Miami-OH timeline

1/24/18 DE Lonnie Phelps commits

2/14/18 OL Nathan Jacobs commits

3/3/18 WR Jack Coldiorn commits

3/11/18 OL Rusty Feth

4/3/18 QB Brett Gabbert, OL Caleb Shaffer commit

4/8/18 WR Nick Manson commits

4/14/18 CB Devin Blakley, S Jeremiah Josephs commit

4/17/18 WR James Maye commits

4/21/18 RB Jonquavous Brown

4/23/18 DB Mehki Miller 

4/26/18 S Matt Salopek

5/31/18 LB Luke Bolden

6/8/18 QB Alante Brown decommits (picks Michigan State as a wide receiver three weeks later)

6/16/18 WR Austin Robinson commits

6/19/18 CB Trevon Booker commits

6/23/18 FS Deland McCullough, DE/OLB Richie Hagarty commit

6/24/18 TE Rhett Williams commits

6/26/18 CB Ja’von Kimpson commits

6/28/18 DL Austin Ertl commits


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Total commits: 11

NIU timeline

3/11/18 WR Jalen McGaughy commits

4/27/18 WR Messiah Travis commits

4/28/18 CB Mark Aitken, TE (RB/LB) Tom Trieb, CB Romel Goston commit

5/4/18 DE Cam Mattox commits

5/18/18 DE Chamaar Smith commits

6/1/18 QB Mariano Valenti commits; *will graduate from St. Thomas Acquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

6/18/18 OL Logan Zschernitz commits; offered the day before

6/24/18 CB Daraun Mckinney commits

7/11/18 OL Leif Engstrand commits


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Total commits: 9

Ohio timeline

6/17/18 OL Jay Amburgey commits

6/20/18 OL Christophe Atkinson commits

6/22/18 LB Cannon Blauser commits

7/6/18 K Tristian Vandenberg commits


Read more: Toledo

Total commits: 14

Total decommits: 1; QB Michael Kern (Orlando, Fla. — flipped to Wake Forest)

Toledo timeline

4/2/18 OL Michael Bergern commits

4/8/18 TE Joey Carroll commits

4/14/18 CB Michael Coleman commits

4/30/18 DE Jerome Henderson commits

5/14/18 DT Gaige Hill commits

6/8/18 CB Elija Griffin commits

6/9/18 OLB Joe Smith commits

6/18/18 DT Adrian Woliver commits

6/18/18 RB/WR Jacquez Stuart commits

6/23/18 CB/WR Quinyon Mitchell commits, QB Michael Kern flips his commitment to Wake Forest

6/24/18 ATH Willie Gaines Jr. commits

6/29/18 WR/FS Chris’seon Stringer commits

7/1/18 K/P Evan Davis commits


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Total commits: 14

WMU timeline

2/22/18 LB Boone Bonnema commits

5/8/18 QB Payton Thorne commits

5/11/18 WR Marshawn Foster commits

6/7/18 RB Kyle Davis commits

6/9/18 RB Sean Tyler commits

6/9/18 OL Addison West commits

6/14/18 WR Damari Roberson commits

6/16/18 TE Jack Sherwin commits

6/20/18 DE Calob Dalton commits

6/23/18 OL Jake Gideon commits

6/26/18 DE Devin Baldwin, LB Jacob Wahlberg commit

6/30/18 CB C.J. Cutliff commits

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