75. A faster Flash offense

The FlashFAST era at Kent State is almost officially official. Now with Sean Lewis as the head coach for the program, the offense is bound to look incredibly different. If not efficient, then it’ll at least make for more exciting football.

The expectation for the Golden Flash offense is to have, well, more of it. In the three years Lewis spent with offensive coordinator duties between Bowling Green and Syracuse, teams ran 2,859 by spending only 20-or-so seconds between snaps and had more explosive offenses than what Kent State had with Don Treadwell as its OC over the years.

Sean Lewis Total plays (yds. per play) Games w/ 75+ plays (record) Kent State OC Total plays (yds. per play)
Games w/ 75+ plays (record)
2014 BG (WR) 1,103 (5.5) 7 (6-1) Don Treadwell 720 (4.8) 1 (0-1)
2015 BG (Co-OC/QB) 1,136 (6.7) 9 (7-2) Don Treadwell 790 (4.2) 4 (2-2)
2016 Syracuse (Co-OC/QB) 969 (5.5) 6 (2-4) Don Treadwell 765 (4.8) 3 (0-3)
2017 Syracuse (Co-OC/QB) 1,027 (5.3) 11 (4-7) Don Treadwell 752 (4.4) 1 (0-1)

Now-OC Andrew Sowder joined Kent State in January and came from the same coaching tree as Lewis. Likewise, Sowder was on Dino Babers’ coaching staff for his two seasons at both Eastern Illinois and Bowling Green. Sowder then became a quality control coach at Texas for a year, then helped implement the spread offense at San Jose State as the OC/tight ends coach.

While running a quicker-paced offense and running more plays doesn’t always make for the best outcomes (teams are 18-20 under Lewis as an OC), it’s at least a huge change from what Kent State was on offense, which was objectively boring and mathematically inefficient.

And the emphasis on this new coaching staff, just like every new coaching staff, is creating change for the better. Kent State still might not win a lot of games this year, but it should at least be a more entertaining brand of football, which is a step in the right direction.

CONTRACT STATUS: Lewis signed a five-year contract worth $2.3 million. He’ll make $440,000 this and next year, $460,00 in 2020 and 2021, then $480,000 in his fifth year. 


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