Toledo at Ohio State set for 2022

Ohio State’s announced future games against two other Mid-American Conference schools earlier this year, but neither are as big as the third’s set up to be. Toledo will play at OSU on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022, the second non-conference game set finalized for the Rockets that season.

In Toledo’s announcement, athletic director Mike O’Brien said, “Ohio State has one of the richest histories in college football and will be an exciting challenge for our program. We now will be playing at Michigan State (2020), Notre Dame (2021) and Ohio State (2022) in consecutive years. We think our players and our fans are very excited to be playing in these types of environments.”

Unlike this year’s game against Miami-FL, which will be played at the Glass Bowl to go with last year’s road game, Toledo doesn’t have any future home games against MSU, Notre Dame or OSU. The silver lining here is that those three schools are within driving distance of Toledo.

The other game Toledo has scheduled for 2022 is on the road against San Diego State, a week before the OSU game.

This will be the fourth installment of Toledo vs. OSU with the Buckeyes owning all three wins.

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