WR Cameron Childress lists CMU, EMU, WMU as top schools

Cameron Childress, a wide receiver from Detroit Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI, has listed Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan and Western Michigan as his top three schools. His recruitment, he tells MAC Prospectus, is still open to other schools, but those are the three he’s likely to choose from.

The three schools have offered Childress to play as a preferred walk-on. Childress has also received PWO offers from Syracuse and Bowling Green, and has a list of additional offers that includes Ball State, Air Force, Harvard, Wayne State, Concordia-Ann Arbor and Ferris State.


Childress says that CMU, EMU and WMU have been the most persistent and active schools through his recruiting process, and are also some of the most-local offers he has.

“A lot of the schools that were talking to me are four, five, six hours away. Michigan Tech is, like, nine hours away,” Childress said. “I was talking to my football coach (Drake Wilkins), he was telling me ‘You could go and be a slot receiver in the MAC; I’ve got faith in you.’ So I just narrowed down my choices.”

Childress went on to briefly talk about the three schools he’s currently most interested in.

“I visited Central in June and it felt great up there. It felt like I was home for the most part.

“I visited Eastern in June, too. Coach (Herb) Haygood was really high on me. He wanted me to get back up there as soon as possible. He called me the other day and was trying to schedule an official visit for next week.

“At Western, … I met coach (Ashton) Aikens at the Wayne State satellite camps and he was really high on me as well. … He actually came to visit the school last week and was talking to me then.”

Throughout his process, Childress has talked to Detroit and metro-Detroit natives that are on these rosters or have plans to play football at these three schools after graduating from their respective high schools.

But this Childress understands that the recruiting process is a two-way street. While coaches are looking for the players that are best-suited to fill the rosters, he’s also looking at which campus is the best fit for him.

“The first thing I’m looking for is to feel accepted. If I don’t feel like I belong at the college, I don’t think college will go well for me,” Childress said. “At these three particular schools, I feel like I’m accepted into all three of them. So, it’s probably going to come down to what I want to major in, the types of majors that they (offer) and just the atmosphere in itself.”

Click here to view Childress’ highlights.

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