First, an introduction

Welcome to MAC Prospectus!

We’re happy that you came to this site, even for just this. This blog is run by myself, Charles Doss and Mike Karpinski, and we’re here to cover recruiting and player development across the Mid-American Conference.

If you’re unfamiliar with our work, here’s a quick summary. All three of us have covered recruiting for a few years on and Doss has done this longer than either of us at We’ve been out of the MAC coverage for a while and figured this was the best way of getting back into it.

The decision to go independent was as simple as, well, we just felt like it. We’re confident in our work ethic and have the track record to prove our professionalism, if that’s the word we’re going to use here. If you search the internet for our previous content, you’ll see that we’ve, collectively, talked to hundreds of recruits over the years, interviewed them, built great relationships with coaching staffs, and kept our audiences well-informed.

So, what is MAC Prospectus going to be about?

Our aim is to carry on recruiting updates for the MAC schools and have some fun along the way. We’ll interview the players during these exciting moments of their lives and we’ll work on some other projects along the way (I’ll let those announcements happen on a need-to-know basis).

Football recruiting will be our bread and butter, but we’ll also get other sports into the mix, like basketball, baseball and whatever else crosses our eyeballs.

Will recruiting be the only thing written about on here?

Let’s just say that 9/10 articles on here will be about recruiting, and the other 1/10 of non-recruiting articles will still be MAC-centered, but there’s no promise as to what kind of regularity those articles will occur. The door is open for some range.

Along the way, we’ll roll out new, cool, hip things that we want to do to make this more fun for everybody, but you’ll be able to find out those things on a need-to-know basis.

Until then, we appreciate you visiting this site and we hope to see you around these parts more often. To increase those odds, follow us on Twitter (@MACProspectus, @ARAlvarado13, @mikekarp12, @CDoss_LGHL) and give MAC Prospectus a like on Facebook, too.

If you have any questions, email us at

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